I want to let you know I LOVE using EzStamp and am really pleased with the speed of data entry and use. I’m very happy I bought the whole world version and have started the process of cataloging my entire collection.

Tim Hamashuk, USA

Let me first say that my selection of EzStamp software as the program to inventory my vast supply of stamps is the best purchase I have made in years.  I thank you for that.

Ric Smith, FL, USA

I have had a chance to work with the program [EzStamp] for a few days and it is incredible. Has me interested in my stamp collection again

Mike Misner, USA

I’ve been continually impressed about how complete of a solution EzStamp is!  You’ve done a really good job “thinking of everything!”

Doug Anderson, USA

My stamp collection is small compared to some but very valuable to me. Without what you have done [EzStamp], it would be impossible to document with any accuracy what my collection is made of , its value, or its location as I have over a seventy books.

Mario, I thank you for the excellent service and your great product…

Mel Powell, USA

EzStamp Save me!. My wife had a collection of disorganized stamps resulting in over 20,000 EzStamp entries in 11 databases. The largest database – the USA has almost 11,000 entries, including single, multiple, plate blocks, sheets, etc. The program is easy to learn, intuitive, and produces great reports. Support is fast and complete. I started with version 7 and upgraded to version 8.
I usually do not review products that I purchase. Worked with computers and programmers for almost 50 years. So, for this exceptional product I have made an exception.  Great product, easy to learn and use. Great support. Could not have completed the project without it.  Very happy!!

Joe McKelvy, USA

I have used EZStamp for years. It has been easy to use and if I ever have a problem Marios gets back to me with a solution immediately. Great product, great service.

Don MacNeill, Canada

EZStamp is amazingly good software! I have used it since 2003

John Megna, GA, USA

I cannot thank you enough for your support & generosity. I lost my computer during hurricane Irma. My stamp inventory was backed up to your cloud service (best $10 I ever spent!). I called Softpro – spoke to Mario I believe – and he immediately replaced my software which was completely lost due to the storm. He also offered to send me CD replacements for Albumgen and EzCoin which I also had. Unbelievable customer service. I have over 95,000 stamp entered into EzStamp and about 3,000 coins in Ezcoin. I thought I had lost everything. The service and quality of the software is what has kept me coming back for years. God Bless.


Richard Hinsberg, Miami, FL, USA

I am very pleased with the product, the image feature is an excellent tool for productivity and accuracy not to say for theme collection. It was an excellent investment for me. The communication Thanks for your support.  Great product. Luis


Louis Arroya, USA, PR
I am putting more and more plate blocks into EzStamp and am liking it more and more.  I have input over 1,000 so far.
The input structure is designed to minimize errors on input.  You have done your homework in this area.
Don J., USA

I have used been using EZ Stamp for a year now and it has been absolutely unreal. I have saved 1,000’s of hours & i have been able to sell a lot more.

D. Price, BC, Canada

I just want to give a heads up about this company. I just talked to Mario (the owner) by phone, as I needed to do some updates and needed a bit of additional information from him. As always the customer service is superb. There is absolutely no software anywhere in the stamp collecting world that can compete with their features or quality. I highly recommend ALL their products.

Jack Holloway, USA

I’ve been very impressed with the completeness and depth of functionality in all the Softpro systems. A very polished set of products for collectors of all levels. But the most impressive part of my experience with Softpro is the fantastic personal customer service. Five stars!!!

Chris S., Australia

EzStamp is  a great program. I would use no other.

D. MacCord

EzStamp is a great stamp collecting tool. Through modern computer technology, It brings collecting to a much higher level. Prompt, first class customer service really enhances Marios’ contribution to the stamp and coin collecting world. The software is a must for any collector!

Dennis M., USA

First, i really want to thank you for EZStamp. I’m truly enjoying it and have entered over 1000 stamps and will add about 100 a day or so.
I started entering some PNB’s after watching your video. Great addition to the program.

Charles L., USA

Following in my dad’s footsteps, I am a second generation user of Ezstamp and although I’ve only been a customer for about a month+ I’ve become obsessed with it. Very powerful and expandable application. It comes with an extensive and well-written user manual which I use primarily as a reference as needed — the actual program is intuitive enough that I was able to jump in and start using it right away without detailed instruction. The cloud utility add-on which I bought separately is especially useful.

The personal customer service and assistance that Marios provides goes way beyond my expectations. Frankly it has to be experienced, it can’t be described.

I highly recommend this product without any reservation to anyone thinking of organizing or starting a collection.

B. Thomson, USA

I don’t use Facebook so am using email to tell you how much I enjoy using EzStamp. This is the 3rd or 4th year and I’m amazed at the huge number of functions that it has. I’ve found it most useful in organizing my collections. Whenever I have a question and contact SoftPro for assistance, I am always amazed at the quick response. Never any hold time or delay, just quick clarification usually from the president/owner of the company. Great program and support. Rich Miller

Rich M., USA

I love using EzStamp! It is the best stamp database on the market. I’ve been using this amazing software since 2003

John M., Alpharetta, GA, USA

I  was using a different  program for several months, and I became extremely overwhelmed with the time involved in entering all the information and constantly correcting the mistakes and having to add the missing stamps and values. I finally gave up after having to wait three weeks for a response to simple questions I had. Then a friend showed me EzStamp and how great it was. As you know, I purchased your program about a month ago and am so pleased I did. Finally a program that will save me time and keep my collection in order. I cannot thank you enough. Your support is to be commended. The software is brilliantly simple to use and the entry of my stamps are very fast. I no longer have to waste time entering all the information. It’s all there, with no errors (that I have found). I have already inventoried my US singles, FDC’s and plate blocks. Your bulk entry method is so convenient. I loaded all my used singles in about ten minutes. I now will start on my mint sheets. The pictures of the stamps you provide are truly exceptional. You have truly thought this program out with great care and it is no wonder your program is the leader in stamp collecting software. Wish I had bought Ezstamp first and saved myself all the frustration of your competition’s product.  You have a customer for life.


Charles, W., NY, USA

I am a new customer and a newbie to stamp collecting. I looked around at several of the available software programs and based on the info on your web site and the reviews I read, I decided to try your demo program. I am glad I did. It really is “EZ”
I just purchased the full program and by following the step by step instructions you provided, it was an smooth conversion. I find it easy to use and very helpful for keeping track of the stamps I collect. I have also been able to upload/add images of the stamps I own.
The other thing that makes this purchase worth while is the support you provide. Along with the many videos on your site and “you tube”, You respond quickly to email and I have never had a problem getting to speak to a live person on the phone. You always answer my questions and add helpful hints and explanations. You make it clear that my satisfaction with your product is a prime concern.
Thanks again for your excellent “EZSTAMP”!

M.D.C., New York

Your software [EzStamp] is extremely useful and recently rescued me from considerable frustration while working my way through the Great Britain Machin series. Cheers, Ken

Ken S., Nova Scotia

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Facebook Reviews of EzStamp & EzCoin

Facebook Page Reviews

This is just about perfect, but I can’t think of anything to improve it. On another program, it took 3 years (due to boredom and dread) to enter somewhat over 5,000 stamps. With Ezstamp, I have entered 2,000+ stamps in two weeks – at my leisure. Great job Ezstamp!

David Smitley, USA

I went ahead and placed the order for the USB version of EzStamp through PayPal. Over the last few months I made an estimated 1200 entries using a different product . An average completed entry with value, grade, type, color, perf, year etc. takes at least 2 minutes with the other product. That does not include thousands of price inputs that were not includes with the other product at all or did not have prices for the grades that were being added.

So far, using EzStamp, adding a stamp is down to a few seconds. I look forward to using your product [EzStamp] and getting back to stamp collecting instead of data entry.

Paul G., USA

I installed EzSTAMP. Piece of cake. IT IS MAGNIFICENT! I want to buy all of the rest of your STAMP related software.

John M., USA

Thank you so much. I love using EZStamp! EZStamp is great!  I’ve been using your software for more than ten years and it is amazing!

John Megna, USA

As a life-long stamp collector I’d amassed tens of thousands of stamps from all the world. I discovered this marvelous software 2 years ago and it has rekindled my love for philately. Thank you EZ Stamp!!!!

Frank Rudiger, USA

I really enjoy using your program [Ezstamp] and find it a wonderful means to summarize and record the value of my collection.

Bob Jones, CA, USA

I have bought a few of your CD’s and find that your programs are incredible

James Hicks, USA

I have been using almost the full suite of EzStamp software. The parts can all run independent of each over apart from SRS and the Franklin Washington Identification software. Both these require EzStamp and to use require activation codes. The parts of the softwares that i have are:
EzStamp (full country databases that are available.)
EzSRS (full country databases that are available.)
WFID (Has been very helpful in identifying the differences.)
EzPerf (Which I use a great deal of the time.)
EzGrader( This gives exact measurement of the centering of stamps and perf information.)
AlbumGen(Not purchased yet, but intend to do so soon.)

I have used two other stamp softwares, one I cannot remember the name of and the other one is xxxxxx. Whilst I enjoyed using the xxxxxx, in my opinion it really does not come even close the the EzStamp suite of software. Marios is absolutely brilliant with his help and support, event to the point of privately accessing my pc and installing some of the software. Yes! I spent a considerable amount of money buying this excellent software, but for me it is in a league of its own.

You do seriously need to read the manuals of each software piece, if you intend to get the best out of the programs as there is just so much that you can achieve with your collections. I am not related in anyway to Marios or part of his company and further i am not paid anything for telling you about his software. I hope that this little post will be of value to some one out there in stamp land.

Vince, UK

I have recently purchased Ezstamp and srs both are great pieces of software and working perfectly. I will be purchasing Albumgen and Ezperf in short order.

Roland Swift, UK

After looking for an easy and comprehensive software program to manage our growing stamp collection, we came across EzStamp and within minutes we were up and running… the loaded stamp images are clear and very detailed. I can see us spending hours enjoying our collection and learning more about the stamps we acquire.

Linda DeRose-Droubay, USA

I installed both programs [EzStamp & AlbumGen] and they both seem to be working fine. I have already inventoried my entire Iceland collection. I really can’t believe how quick and easy it was. I love the programs.

Neil Henning, USA

First, I would like to say how much I am enjoying using the EzStamp software’s. They are absolutely brilliant and essential for any stamp collector

Vincent Andrews, Australia

After using EzStamp for a couple of days, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to drop it for anything else.

Glen Fine, USA
Thank you for the software [Ezstamp & Ezcoin].  Ive only used the stamp software so far but it’s been very helpful already.
Lori Bergman, USA

EzStamp & Albumgen are working out so well, what a great thing you have given us.

Jeb Roberts, USA

I have been using Ezstamp for several months now. Exceptional software. I find the cloud backup stellar. It allows me to backup my data to the cloud in Leeds and when i travel to the cottage in Addingham, I can quickly synchronize my data to my tablet. Hastle free and quite convenient. Will be purchasing your Commonwealth edition in the coming weeks. Just want to finish my France collection first.

Cameron S., Leeds, UK
I have used a competing stamp database program for several years, and finally decided to switch to Ezstamp as I was fed up with the lack of support and pure unreliability/incompleteness of the competitors program.
I can’t express how impressed I am with the quick response and the professionalism shown me by the developers of Ezstamp . Other dealings I have had with customer support for other software and companies pale by comparison.
If you need a stamp database program which is loaded with features, has comprehensive & complete databases, and has excellent (way above average) customer support, give this product a try. Having complete and accurate databases is utterly critical in preparing an accurate inventory of my stamps. You will not be disappointed with this product or company. It’s absolutely fantastic and flat-out light years ahead of any other stamp collecting program I have encountered.
David B., Sacramento, CA
I am really pleased with EzStamp v8.0. It really seems to do everything I ever wanted to help me with my hobby. I have large (to me) collections of USA and Canada and have always had trouble keeping track of what I have and don’t have. Now it is very simple and a great aid. Thank you for all the work you’ve done to make this program what it is today. I have done some coding on business software and appreciate the sophistication and work it takes to turn out a program like this.
Rich Miller, MN, USA


The EzStamp software is amazingly useful and the customer service from Marios is exceptional. As a long-time Mac user, I willingly adapted to Windows 10 to gain the benefits of the EzStamp components. I am very impressed with the wide variety of technical details built into the software, while the training videos and frequent tips for users has been extremely helpful to me. To complete this trifecta of excellence, EzStamp 8 even has a high quality 300+ page manual to download for those of us who learn best by reading. My New Year’s resolution is to spend at least an hour a day inputting .
James Schultz, USA

Undoubtedly, the best and easiest inventory program on the market!!

Enzo Loop, WA, USA

I am helping my elderly father inventory his stamp collection using ezstamp. I have found the program very easy to use for a novice collector and have been able to organize his stamps also.

Karen B., USA

I was absent from my stamp collecting for over 10 years, and felt a little overwhelmed about starting up again. The cost of new albums, building a new inventory, and learning the techniques involved in studying the difference in look a like stamps. EzStamp products solved all those issues, and stamp collecting is more enjoyable now then before. I purchased, Albumgen, EzPerf, EzImage and EzStamp8, it took a little to learn some of the steps, but EzStamp tech support are so friendly and helpful they got me collecting like a Pro again. I strongly recommend any of the EzStamp products.

Frank of Jacksonville, Florida

Very well done program. I’ve used and seen many and EzStamp tops them all. Easy to use, even for an all thumbs guy like me! Been using it for years and I just keep learning more and more. Now that there are video’s, makes it even easier.

Ron DeLaney, OH, USA

Have to tell you that the Washington Franklin identifier is phenomenal. I have been having trouble with those stamps & the WFID has helped me so much. The clarity of the big images really helps to identify the varieties. I use it all the time now whenever I get one of those Washington Franklin heads from the early 1900’s. Best add on program to EzStamp in my opinion. Keep up the great work.

Marc Miller, Oshkosh, WI

It has been worth every penny, because this program essentially does all the work for you. All I have to do is open a country, enter the Scott # and watch the high quality picture and info appear. I then add what I paid for it. Done.

Carmen, UK

It’s so great to finally have my whole collection in one spot. You definitely deserve congratulations on developing such a fine program.

Greg C.

Started with another program and switched to EzStamp and am glad I did. Support is incredible, and data entry and inquiry very fast.

Howard C., USA

All I can say is wow. The product is unbelievable and I am more than happy. The service is second to none and the owner Marios responded to my many enquiries within minutes. Great company.

Mark L., Canada

EzStamp is great software for the 21st century collector. It brings together all the factors necessary in identifying, grading, organizing and valuing collections, as well as many more benefits.

Dennis M., USA

I have a large U.S. collection & EzStamp allows me to do so many things with my collection. Creating reports in so many formats is fun to work with.

Charles S., USA

I have been using Stamp Inventory software since the very first apps became available in the 80’s. EzStamp is BY FAR the best one yet.

John I., USA

One of the many testimonials we receive via regular mail. Just click on the image below to read it.

Karl S., USA

A recent review by Canada’s leading stamp periodical: Canadian Stamp News


Canadian Stamp News, Randy Heimpel, 2013