EzGrader™ is a powerful new tool available to stamp collectors which allows you to easily determine the centering of your stamps (ie Grades such as F, VF , XF) & print out an eGrade™ certificate of your stamps. See for yourself . Invaluable tool for any stamp collector. Try the Demo BEFORE you buy! Stamp Grading Software


  • EzGrader is powerful & easy to use. By simply scanning in your stamp against a black background, EzGrader will be able to determine the centering of your stamp and assign a grade to it such as F, VF, XF .. AND it can also print a Certificate of Centering/eGrade™ of your stamp!
  • Get a competitive edge when bidding for stamps by knowing the true grade of the stamp!
  • EzGrader will help you analyse your stamps in many ways. Find those stamps with huge margins.
  • You can even Drag & Drop multiple images at one time. Great for hunting down that perfectly centered stamp you have been searching for.
  • EzGrader is such a useful tool, it can pay for itself the first time you use it !  Click Here to See How!
  • EzGrader Uses: What Can I do with it?
  • EzGrader is used by the Philatelic Foundation as well as many Stamp Experts & Philatelic organizations.
  • Get your copy for just $79.99 US


Testimonials What are people saying about EzGrader?

I am finding EzGrader the best investment I have made in determining the centering quality of stamps purchased on eBay

Tom J., Australia

I have been using EzGrader now for a little over a month.  During that time I have applied it to well over 200 US stamps, including some difficult ones with non-rectangular designs.  I have been very happy with my purchase.
I have found EzGrader to be especially helpful when evaluating stamps that I buy online.  On HipStamp and eBay, I use it to evaluate the centering of the same stamp offered by multiple sellers.  Often I am surprised by what I would have selected using the naked eye vs. what EzGrader tells me is the better-centered stamp.  EzGrader has saved me many hundreds of dollars, and led me to choose better quality stamps.


Well we have now finished entering all stamp data to EzStamp, checked, re-checked and now ready to finalize print format such that we can provide a meaningful report in the front of each album. By way of this email I would personally like to extend my appreciation for the EzStamp program; it is a pleasure to use (once one understands the process), without flaw and the power of the program is still surprising.  Well done to all concerned.

Similarly, EzImage, EzPerf and EzGrade have all been invaluable in assessing stamps for grading, not utilized to the same extent as EzStamp, but all within their own right, extremely powerful and in my opinion a “must have” in conjunction with EzStamp.

B&D Hardman, Australia
I have been a happy customer of Soft Pro’s EZStamp and EZGrader for over a year now. These are excellent products, easy-to-use menus, a wealth of online training tutorials, and fantastic customer support. I just purchased my third Soft Pro product, EzImage, which is further evidence of my great confidence in this suite of products. 5 Stars!”
Chris Joyce, USA

I want to be the first to announce EZGRADER which is in fact the most advanced piece of stamp collecting sofware EVER in HISTORY! This software gives you a better grade of your stamp than ANYTHING EVER -EVER- in History.   I suppose we should not be surprised since we are in a technology age.   Anyone have anything better?    (Big laugh!) This IS the best software EVER produced for philately.   And you can quote me on that!!!! 

Greg Deeter, Dallas, TX

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