Stamp Recognition Software

Our Stamp Recognition Software will Quickly Identify your stamps. Simply scan in your stamp and SRS will analyse and identify the stamp for you so you can add it to your inventory. (*Requires EzStamp)

Whether you know nothing about stamps or are a seasoned collector, SRS is an invaluable tool. If you have inherited a collection and want to value it, but have little knowledge of stamps, then SRS & EzStamp will help you to identify and inventory the stamps you own.

Having problems identifying foreign stamps? Asian stamps can be very difficult to identify. With SRS, it’s a snap. SRS is your solution! All you need to do is scan the stamps & let SRS do the work. It works for both Mint & Used stamps.

The New WARP & GLOBAL mode of SRS is the FASTEST way to identify your stamp images in the world! Find your stamp in less than 1 second in most cases! Watch the WARP & GLOBAL videos to see how incredible our Stamp Recognition Software (SRS) really is!

Our new SRS Pro with Auto-separate functionality is a HUGE time saver. Watch it in action here NEW SRS Auto-Separate Part I

Watch this amazing video to see how fast & accurate SRS. Even with Chinese & Japanese Stamps Asian Stamp Image Identification Video Using SRS

You can even use your cell phone to take a picture of your stamp & have SRS & EzStamp find it for you  Using your CELL PHONE to IDENTIFY your stamps! Now you can use our stamp image identification software in the comfort of your own home. It’s like having a stamp research facility at your fingertips.


  • Quickly & Easily identify your stamps by simply taking a picture of it!
  • No need to spend time flipping through catalogs & searching the internet. SRS can find your stamps in seconds.
  • Just scan your stamp (or use your phone) & our intelligent software will analyse & identify your stamp & the automatically inventory it in EzStamp
  • You can even do batches of stamps. Scan multiple stamps & let SRS identify each one for you to inventory in EzStamp.
  • SRS is a huge time saver. Whether you are a seasoned philatelist or a beginner, our Stamp Recognition Software will make identifying most stamps simple & fast
  • Easy as 1-2-3: Load your image, Start the Search & add it to the EzStamp Inventory when found.(*You MUST also have EzStamp to use SRS)
Stamp Recognition Software


Testimonials What are people saying about SRS (Stamp Recognition)?

I have been using Ezstamp and the SRS module now for six months. This software is astounding. I have inventoried about 7,000 items from my Commonwealth collection. I have used the recognition software to identify my stamps (not being quite familiar with the Scott numbers used in Ezstamp) and it has only missed about 20 stamps. Truly astounding. I initially was skeptical, but I can unequivocally state that it does live up to expectations and much more. The speed in which Srs finds the stamps is astonishing. I had looked at two other programs before I purchased Ezstamp and Srs. The others were utterly useless and were not even complete. I am a truly satisfied customer and will be purchasing the updates as they are released.  Having accurate and reliable documentation of my collections is of utmost importance to me and am quite pleased with both programs. Thank you Softpro for creating such great programs.

Richard DeVerno, Wales, UK

I have installed EzStamp & SRS on my 2022 M1 chip, MacBook Pro, by running Parallels and Windows 11.
Installation was fairly straightforward (for a Mac guy) and both apps are performing flawlessly.
I am now getting to look under the hood, so to speak, and seeing what each application can do.
I can already see that these are indispensable aids.


M.R., Ont, Canada

I have found SRS to be a most invaluable tool for my stamp collecting needs. I can now identify most of my stamps in a fraction of the time it would take to identify and catalogue them compared to the old way of looking them up in a book or internet. I use it extensively for my Japan and Russia collections. I don’t know what I would do without Ezstamp & SRS. They are by far the best stamp investments I have made.

Pat Jasker, NSW, Australia

I have been able to download and install the EzStamp and SRS programs and have identified my first stamp ( in about a 1/2 second ) Wow.

Earle P. , LA, USA

SRS is like having a stamp expert in your own home. The time savings are huge. Makes inventory and identification of stamps painless. I have identified over 3500 stamps in my collection so far, and only about 10 were not found (but they were very badly cancelled so that may have been the issue). Love using SRS. Makes my stamp time fun again.

Paul Feinberg, Belgium

Support videos

Download SRS (Stamp Recognition)

Demo Version

Fully Functional for 100 uses to try before you buy. Demo will work during the trial period without having EzStamp
Comes with 4 countries to try (Australian Antarctic Territory, Aden, Aland, Alderney)
Drag & Drop, Paste or Load From disk any stamp image & SRS will analyse it
You will receive the best customer service in the business. Unsurpassed technical support whenever you need it.
Download SRS (Stamp Recognition) Demo

Full Version

Fully Functional & Fully integrated with EzStamp. Can automatically Inventory identified stamps.
Available for ALL countries we provide and registered in EzStamp
Drag & Drop, Paste or Load From disk any stamp image & SRS will analyse it
You will receive the best customer service in the business. Unsurpassed technical support whenever you need it.
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