SCOTT™ licensed Stamp Collecting Software to Inventory your stamp collection. Includes SCOTT#’s, plus pricing based on our current market values and beautiful COLOR images! The perfect tool you need to organize and value your stamp collection. Get your stamp collection in order today! Entire WORLD Now Available!


  • Comprehensive, searchable database of 750 countries with 948,000 worldwide stamps. List of Available Countries
  • Entire World database available. Topical collectors dream.
  • Quickly & easily identify your stamps. User-friendly & efficient data entry.
  • Comes with professional, concise & useful reports that are easy to read. Also includes FREE local Data Backup
  • You will receive the best customer service in the business. Unsurpassed technical support whenever you need it.
  • Instant access to your entire collection. Know what you own & it’s value
  • Stunning color images pre-supplied for all countries we provide!
  • Officially licensed to use the industry standard SCOTT™ numbering system since 1992.
  • What are you waiting for? Get control of your collection. Order today.
  • See for Yourself why EzStamp is truly the #1 World Stamp Inventory Software to manage your stamps.
  • Add our amazing Stamp Recognition Software (SRS) to identify your stamp from an image, even one from your phone.
  • Read our latest, real Google & Facebook reviews here by real customers: Google Reviews Facebook Reviews
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Stamp Inventory Software
Coin Collecting Software


The EASY way to track & value your coins. Innovative Coin Collecting Software to Inventory your coins ! Need to know what your coins are worth? Use EzCoin to accurately organize, value, manage & track your coin collection. EzCoin is packed with features not found in any other coin collecting software.


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EzImage is a full fledged Image Editor/Processor with some very powerful features built in. EzImage can help you organize & scan your stamp & coin images now! EzImage will save you a lot of time. With Auto-separate, Auto-rotate, Auto-crop, it will reduce your image processing time significantly.


  • With EzImage, you can scan many stamps at once & then with one click, automatically separate them into individual images. (Pro version only). You must scan against a contrasting BLACK background for images to properly separate.
  • Crop, color correct, retouch, add special effects, use custom color palettes and use the dozens of tools we provide to make your images look their best.
  • Give all your image processing projects that professional look & feel .
  • EzImage supports all TWAIN compliant scanners.
  • File conversion utilities (supports almost all image file formats)
  • Specifically designed for stamps & coins to save you incredible amounts of TIME processing images
  • Starting at $64.99 STD edition
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EzImage Auto-separate
Stamp Album Software


AlbumGen The most intuitive and easy to use Stamp Album Page Layout program available. Great for exhibits & Topical Albums!


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EzGrader™ is a powerful new tool available to stamp collectors which allows you to easily determine the centering of your stamps (ie Grades such as F, VF , XF) & print out an eGrade™ certificate of your stamps. See for yourself . Invaluable tool for any stamp collector. Try the Demo BEFORE you buy! Stamp […]


  • EzGrader is powerful & easy to use. By simply scanning in your stamp against a black background, EzGrader will be able to determine the centering of your stamp and assign a grade to it such as F, VF, XF .. AND it can also print a Certificate of Centering/eGrade™ of your stamp!
  • Get a competitive edge when bidding for stamps by knowing the true grade of the stamp!
  • EzGrader will help you analyse your stamps in many ways. Find those stamps with huge margins.
  • You can even Drag & Drop multiple images at one time. Great for hunting down that perfectly centered stamp you have been searching for.
  • EzGrader is such a useful tool, it can pay for itself the first time you use it !  Click Here to See How!
  • EzGrader Uses: What Can I do with it?
  • EzGrader is used by the Philatelic Foundation as well as many Stamp Experts & Philatelic organizations.
  • Get your copy for just $79.99 US

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Ezperf: Stamp Perforation Measurement Software


EzPerf – The Premiere Stamp Perforation Measurement Software for your stamps! EzPerf will allow you to easily and accurately measure the perforations of your scanned stamp images.


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SRS (Stamp Recognition)

Stamp Recognition Software Our Stamp Recognition Software will Quickly Identify your stamps. Simply scan in your stamp and SRS will analyse and identify the stamp for you so you can add it to your inventory. (*Requires EzStamp) Whether you know nothing about stamps or are a seasoned collector, SRS is an invaluable tool. If you […]


  • Quickly & Easily identify your stamps by simply taking a picture of it!
  • No need to spend time flipping through catalogs & searching the internet. SRS can find your stamps in seconds.
  • Just scan your stamp (or use your phone) & our intelligent software will analyse & identify your stamp & the automatically inventory it in EzStamp
  • You can even do batches of stamps. Scan multiple stamps & let SRS identify each one for you to inventory in EzStamp.
  • SRS is a huge time saver. Whether you are a seasoned philatelist or a beginner, our Stamp Recognition Software will make identifying most stamps simple & fast
  • Easy as 1-2-3: Load your image, Start the Search & add it to the EzStamp Inventory when found.(*You MUST also have EzStamp to use SRS)

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Stamp Recognition Software

Testimonials What are people saying about our software?

I bought my first EzStamp version in May 2011 and I was very excited to have discovered a stamp management system so well designed and user friendly. Seven years later, (today is October 11, 2018) I am still that excited. It is evident that the software was designed by someone who knew what collecting stamps meant. Combined with EzImage, EzPerf and EzGrader, it provides me with all I need to identify and record a stamp. I can scan a stamp and add its image if it is not yet in the system (then I email it to Marios), I can confirm the proper perforation with EzPerf and its quality (VG, F, VF or XF) with EzGrader. Various versions of a stamp with Watermarks are identified, however I still have to use the old method of watermark fluid to physically identify them (electronic systems that I have tried did not convince me yet), (maybe Marios will find a way to solve the problem, one day?).  EzStamp is so flexible that it will be difficult to give justice to its many features. Needless to say that more you use it, more you discover.

J’ai acheté ma première version d’ “EZStamp” en mai 2011. J’étais vraiment excité d’avoir découvert un logiciel de gestion si bien développé et facile d’utilisation. Cela fait sept ans maintenant (nous sommes le 11 octobre 2018) et je suis toujours aussi excité. C’est évident que ce logiciel fut développé par quelqu’un qui s’y sait comment gérer une collection de timbres.  Si je jumèle « EzStamp » à « EzImage », « EzPerf » et « EZGrader », j’ai tout ce qu’il faut pour bien identifier et enregistrer un timbre. Avec « EzImage », je peux scanner un timbre, ou une enveloppe premier plis et ajouter son image si elle n’est pas déjà fournie dans le système (je l’envoie alors à Marios pour qu’il l’ajoute). Avec « EzPerf » je peux confirmer la dentelure du timbre et avec « EzGrader » sa qualité (VG, F, FV ou XF). Le logiciel identifie les divers filigranes d’un timbre, mais pour l’identifier physiquement,  je dois toujours utiliser la vielle méthode du liquide à filigrane (les différents systèmes électroniques que j’ai essayés ne m’ont pas convaincu encore), (peut-être que Marios trouvera une solution , un jour?) EzStamp est tellement flexible qu’il est difficile de lui rendre justice en essayant de décrire ses fonctions. C’est en l’utilisant qu’on le découvre davantage et qu’il nous surprend toujours; favorablement.

Serge Gaudreau

I am a retired Instructional System Designer who worked as an officer with the Canadian Armed Forces and a member of the Canadian Space Agency.

Je suis un concepteur pédagogique retraité qui a oeuvré comme officier des Forces armés canadiennes et membre de l’Agence spatiale canadienne.


Serge Gaudreau, Quebec

I had previously downloaded the Demo version, and felt that it was the best of the 6 or 7 other programs that I had previewed.  I am anxious to get my coin inventory started.  Thank you.

Dave R., Charleston, SC

By far, the best philatelic application I have ever used!! I have tried everything from excel to access to numerous other inventory apps and none have come close to EzStamp! The addons, such as SRS, Washington-Franklin Identifier and of course Albumgen have just made my stamp collection so much more rewarding. I can go from stamp show to cataloging to mounting a just created album page in hours. Makes inventorying and creating album pages unbelievably easy.

John Impenna, USA

Amazing software. So easy to use. No database software is any good without great reports. EzCoin is hands down the best coin software out there. I know, I have used all the others & now use EzCoin exclusively. Highest praise for your products and support. I will be a repeat customer for sure.

Wendy Miscovic, NY

I am very pleased with the product, the image feature is an excellent tool for productivity and accuracy not to say for theme collection. It was an excellent investment for me. The communication Thanks for your support.  Great product. Luis


Louis Arroya, USA, PR