Listing of all SoftPro Support Videos

EzStamp Training Video

Introductory EzStamp Training Video

New  2018 Edition Released: New Features Explained

BACKUP & RESTORE Training Video

How to Get My Images Back. I don’t see them anymore!

New How to Install Downloads/Updates to EzStamp

Stamp Identification in EzStamp

Topical Searches & Album Page Creation

New Global Topical Searches

Entering FDC’s & Cachets into EzStamp

New How to Add New Grade Types like MNG

USA Plate Block Database now Available

How to Enter Plate Blocks & Blocks of 4

Reporting on Specific Stamps by Grade

New How to DELETE Specifc Grades From Your Inventory

Creating Want List Reports

Searching For Specific Grades & Colour Coding your Reports

Historical Reporting & How to Share Reports

Grade Price Compare: Findings stamps worth more used

How to Track Multiple Collections

Search by Year, Denomination & more

New How to Add New Grades Such as CTO’s

New Adding Purchase Price to Existing Inventoried Records

New  Adding Custom Fields to Report Mint Sheet Face Values

New Adding Mint Sheets to PWL (Priority Want Lists)

How do I add my OWN images to EzStamp

How to ADD your OWN Varieties to EzStamp

How to Edit Reports & Create New Reports

How to Track FDC’s & Cachets

New  How to Add Images to Any EzStamp Report

New How to Add FDC Images & Properly Name & Save Them

How to Track PNC’s (Plate Number Coils)

New How to Add Alternate Catalog #’s (Michel, Gibbons..)

Global Power Searches (Search ALL Countries at Once)

How to Search for your stamps using Keywords & topics

EzStamp eBay & BidStart Internet Searches

EzStamp eBay & BidStart Internet Searches Part 2

New EzStamp eLook Enhanced ebay Internet Searches Part 3

EzStamp: Useful Tips & Tools Part 1

EzStamp Digital Watermark Identification

EzStamp Report by Location

Can You SPOT the Difference?

Entering Canadian Plate Number Blocks(PNB’s)

Fast Data Entry in Ezstamp: 2 Clicks to enter a stamp

New EzStamp Cloud Backup

New EzStamp: Bulk Editing Priority Want Lists (PWL)

How to Document All Aspects of Your Collection

Entering Multiple Copies of the Same Stamp & List Views

EzStamp: Changing Grades for Inventoried Records

How to Soak Modern US Self-adhesive Stamps

EzStamp Latest Edition Released. New Features described

EzStamp: Identifying US Envelope Paper Types

EzStamp: Reporting by Country Groupings

EzStamp: How to Tell Photo From Litho

New EzStamp: Identifying Irish Stamp Varieties

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