EzStamp & AlbumGen Users:

We are very pleased to announce that you can now Export Scott #’s to your AlbumGen generated pages for PERSONAL USE ONLY. We have been granted special permission by Scott™/Amos Media to allow this functionality through EzStamp. Create Stunning Stamp Album Pages with AlbumGen. There is a fee of $35 US to activate this in EzStamp/Albumgen. The license is NOT transferable to other installations of EzStamp/AlbumGen. You can purchase with Paypal or use our regular order forms here. Please read the restrictions below before proceeding to place your order. By placing your order, you  are agreeing to the terms of use specified below*  Once a code is issued, there are NO Refunds **

EzStamp Sc# Export to AlbumGen
Direct Credit Card orders

IMPORTANT:  Terms of Use

By activating this feature in EzStamp you hereby agree to the following.
You are permitted to generate pages using AlbumGen & place the Scott™ #’s on the page for your PERSONAL USE ONLY.
Pages created are for your PERSONAL use only. Any other use or distribution in any form (electronic or otherwise), whether for profit or not, is strictly prohibited. You may NOT place or display the pages on any website or forum. You may not share the pages with friends or any other party.
Failure to comply with these restrictions is a violation of Amos Media’s copyright of the Scott™ Numbering System and can result in severe penalties and legal actions against you. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure compliance at all times. SoftPro is not responsible nor liable for any actions taken against you for failure to comply.