EzGrader: Grading Your Stamps is Important.

  • EzGrader will eGrade EzGrader_Certyour stamps. That means it will determine the mathematical centering of your scanned stamp image & assign a letter grade such as F , VF , XF and also assign a numerical designation to it such as VF 86 . The numerical grade is very important as it indicates to you mathematically, the centering of the stamp!
  • EzGrader allows you to conveniently Grade your stamps in the comfort of your own home. EzGrader will change the way you buy & sell your stamps. The easy way to GRADE your valuable stamps. No more guessing or debating the grade. Just scan & grade!
  • If you purchase stamps online (eBay, HipStamp), you can eGrade the stamp BEFORE you buy it!
  • EzGrader can also measure and grade stamps that are still on envelopes or piece.
  • You can even Drag & Drop multiple images at one time. Great for hunting down that perfectly centered stamp you have been searching for.
  • You can print out an eGrade certificate so you can have a hard copy of the results to keep for insurance purposes . Very handy when selling your stamps as well. Simply provide the purchaser with the certificate so he can see for himself that when you say the stamp is XF , it’s not just your opinion, but you have the proof as well!
  • EzGrader™ can pay for itself just by detecting a valuable high grade stamp such as XF-98 , JUMBO’s or higher! We regularly hunt these down using EzGrader where others have missed them. Now you can too.
  • EzGrader™ – a very powerful & versatile, yet easy to use tool for stamp collectors. Get the Edge. Order your copy of EzGrader today !
  • Here is a great article on Why Stamp Grading and Centering Matters
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