There can be several reasons for this. The most common are:
• A poor image provided to SRS. Try and scan you stamps at 300 dpi against a  black background & crop the stamp close to the perf tips.
• Heavily cancelled stamps can be problematic as the stamp design can be covered by the cancel on stamp. In this situation, little can be done.
• If you are doing a country specific search, make sure your stamp is from that country. For example, if you have the USA database open & you load a chinese stamp image, it will not be found.
• Try to keep the stamps in the proper orientation (ie ) & straight. Stamp images with selvege must be trimmed to be found (do not separate the actual stamps!). Plate Blocks and multiples must be separated as single stamp images to be foundSRS_Bad_Image_Types.
This can happen if you did not crop your scan and presented SRS with the entire scan of the bed of your scanner (ie you put 1 stamp on the scanner and scanned the entire bed of the scanner).  You need to crop the image so that just the stamp is presented to SRS. We recommend scanning at 300 dpi against a black background. Please refer to the SRS manual for more details.
The easiest was to do this is to present SRS with as clean an image as possible. Scan against a black background & crop the image so that you have a bit of black border around the stamp perforations. Also, try using the WARP mode & provide the denomination. This will speed the searches immensely.
Yes, but they MUST be your stamps that you have scanned yourself. We need the actual page scans. To send us your images, please contacts us & we will arrange for you to email us some samples to make sure we can use them. We can also remote into your PC & upload the stamps to our servers.
Yes, absolutely. Our stamp recognition software is fully integrated with our stamp inventory software (EzStamp). Once SRS identifies the stamp, just RIGHT click on the image identified & select Add to Inventory. Once you close SRS, that stamp will be automatically displayed for you in EzStamp ready to be inventoried. A huge time saving feature.
SRS can easily and quickly identify any FACE DIFFERENT Stamp. It will not be able to uniquely identify stamps where the only difference is a watermark, perforation variety, minor color variety (ie rose red, red rose, light red, dk red etc) or minor design varieties (fly speck varieties or types). In general, if you can see a difference in design with the naked eye, then SRS will likely find it. If there are varieties or color shades of a stamp, it can locate them all & then you can decide which one it is.
If you get an “SRS Launch Error: There is no valid CD/DVD or copied supplied image path on your PC when you try to start SRS. “, then you did not set the EzStamp Source images location properly. In EzStamp, Go to the Options Menu, Preferences, Images Tab & Set the Supplied Images Location to: “C:\SoftPro2010\Ezstamp8\Images”  as shown in the screenshot here