After years of using photoshop for all our image postings, investing in Softpro products [EzImage] we have increased our productivity far beyond our expectations. This is a must have software!

Ansonia Philatelic, USA, N.Y.

I just want to say how pleased I am with all your products! They are just “Top Shelf” in every respect! More importantly, I want to compliment the service you give to us! You are the best in the industry…actually you stand alone!

Thank you so much!


I REALLY enjoy using your software.  I am telling all of the collectors I come in contact with about the entire SoftPro software offerings.  Before I retired I was a data analyst. I am quite familiar with how databases work.  That’s essentially what EzStamp is.  It is so easy to use.  I don’t yet use it to its fullest potential.   I’ve only catalogued a little over six hundred stamps in EzStamp.  I have thousands more to go.  EzStamp makes it so easy.

Your customer service is always top notch and your instructions are concise and easy to follow.  I love your videos.  More please!


Greg R., OH, USA

Well we have now finished entering all stamp data to EzStamp, checked, re-checked and now ready to finalize print format such that we can provide a meaningful report in the front of each album. By way of this email I would personally like to extend my appreciation for the EzStamp program; it is a pleasure to use (once one understands the process), without flaw and the power of the program is still surprising.  Well done to all concerned.

Similarly, EzImage, EzPerf and EzGrade have all been invaluable in assessing stamps for grading, not utilized to the same extent as EzStamp, but all within their own right, extremely powerful and in my opinion a “must have” in conjunction with EzStamp.

B&D Hardman, Australia

Just would like to tell you I have just cataloged stamp 225,000 in 154 countries. This would not have been possible without your personal help and your software and add-ons. Over many years I have used other products, but nothing comes close to your software ans especially your support.



Dennis Raynoha, USA

Dear Marios,

Well, I must say how truly impressed I am.
I’ve inherited over 250 Albums of stamps from my dad. He has been collecting since 1934 !!
I was about to “dispose” of this giant collection as being unmanageable.
Now, with almost no stamp experience and thanks to your software  I’m working my way through. Finding a few gems and learning a lot about the world.

I am a database developer so I know how many man-years have gone into your programs. Awesome.

Many thanks and best regards

David B., Australia

David B., Australia
I have been a happy customer of Soft Pro’s EZStamp and EZGrader for over a year now. These are excellent products, easy-to-use menus, a wealth of online training tutorials, and fantastic customer support. I just purchased my third Soft Pro product, EzImage, which is further evidence of my great confidence in this suite of products. 5 Stars!”
Chris Joyce, USA


I wanted to provide you some feedback on the AlbumGen software program. I have used this sophisticated software to not only create what a collector would call standard stamp album pages, but also specialized pages. My specialized pages are designed to display, highlight, and explain unique stamp features, such as plate errors, forgeries, and color mis-registration, among other features. In many cases there will be just a single stamp on the page. I will place the stamp on an album page and next to it add an enlarged stamp image with arrows pointing to hard to see unique and defining features. I can then add text to the album page that explains what these special features are in detail. I often also sometimes add text discussing relevant aspects of the stamp, such as why the stamp was created, how many were printed, the name of the printer, and so on. I do this also with AlbumGen to show why a valuable stamp is the real thing, and not an inexpensive forgery. This capability makes looking at the stamp displayed that much more enjoyable and informative. I have used this approach to list and sell a number of unusual stamps in my collection. I recently for sold an $0.80 catalogue value Australian stamp for a stunning $45 based in great part on an AlbumGen page that allowed me to display and highlight the stamp’s unique features. And it was sold from the US to a discerning collector in Australia. AlbumGen has given me the opportunity to appropriately honor stamps in my collection. Thank you for this tremendous software.

Sewall H., USA

Sewall H., USA

I have used AlbumGen and EzImage successfully for many years. I have never kept an inventory of my collections, but I now need to do that as I prepare them for sale, so thought I would try EzStamp. I have completed one country (about 2100 entries) and started on a second. EzStamp is very easy to use and makes entering data a snap. The Rapid Multiple Entry feature is especially useful when entering a long run of similar stamps, such as several years of MNH. Also, all major Scott varieties are included eliminating the need for most special entries. This is very useful software and is making the inventory task mush easier.

David Wolfersberger, Ocala, FL

David Wolfersberger, Ocala, FL

The blog about how to scan stamps on an album page [ How to Scan Stamps on an Album Page ]was very helpful, and timely. I needed to scan a large number of stamps from Colombia mounted in my album for an article I am preparing. I just scan the page as is, but it really didn’t look good. Then I saw your method, tried it and it worked great. Had a little trouble at times keeping the plastic in place, but the scans are so much better with the black background.


David W., USA

WOW! What a great piece of software. I have been selling on eBay for over one year now and the most tedious part of the selling process has been the imaging process. A friend recently recommended Ezimage, but I was initially skeptical. I have Adobe Elements and am ok using it. But Ezimage really shines when it comes to image processing. The fact that I can scan a whole page of stamps and it separates them into individual images is a real time saver. The auto crop and auto rotate is flawless. The amount of time this software has saved me is immense. The couple of times I needed help, the response was a mind-boggling 3 minutes. Friendly, professional and very knowlegeable staff. The second time I needed help, I was not sure how to do something (too lazy to read the manual) and to my surprise I go t a phone call from them to explain how to do what I wanted. Person I spoke to said it would be easier to show me rather than try and email instructions. I know of no other company that offers this kind of service. My eBay sales have increased since I purchased ezimage. The quality of images are exceptional. Now I can focus on selling rather than wasting hours preparing images. What used to take me about 3-5 minutes per stamp, now takes me about 15 seconds including the scanning. Thank you Ezimage

J. Sorensen, Norway

EZ Image has saved me many 1,000’s of hours and i am truly grateful for that. My business is booming now & EZ Image is THE major factor, so thank you!

Corky’s Stamps, BC, Canada

Perfect! Thanks. It is a wonderful program and saves me tons of time scanning stamps.

P. Douglas, U.K.

I have been selling stamps on eBay since 1999 and I cannot tell you how much EzImage has saved me in time & money. I wish I had purchased this a long time ago.

What used to take me many hours now only takes minutes. I was up and running in a very short time with the help of the videos provided on the website. I am now productive to the point where I use nothing else to do my stamp imaging. Support is spot on when you need it. I have much of my stock in black 102B cards & I needed a quick way to scan and separate the stamps. Turns out the people at EzImage already figured this out. A quick call and they came onto my PC and set it up for me. now that’s service! I cannot imagine going back to scanning my stamps without Ezimage. It’s that good. If you scan lots of stamps, this is a must must have program.

ABC Stamps, Fresno, CA

I have been a part time dealer for several years & sell on eBay UK & HipStamp. I recently purchased Ezimage and have found it to be brilliantly simple and easy to use. It has saved me so much time. Prior to using Ezimage, it took me countless hours to scan and prepare my stamp images for uploading to eBay. With EzImage, I spend less time preparing and more time selling. I have also noticed an increase in the percentage of the lots being sold. I suspect that this is due to the quality of the images. Now, with Ezimage close by, all my images are perfectly prepared (rotated & cropped consistently with beautiful black borders). I am so happy with this purchase. EzImage has most assuredly saved me countless hours of time and I can only give it my highest recommendation. I use EzImage so much now, that I am not certain how I could continue without it. It’s that good.
I am currently evaluating the EzPerf and EzGrader programs. They look like they could be of much use as well.

Michael J. Horner, UK

EzImage takes away all of the hassles of scanning, rotating and cropping images. With the pro version, load up a scannerful and away you go. Next up will be albumGen then I am set. It is perfect to get all the software from a single source, and get after sales service that you can only dream about. Well done Marios

David M., USA

I bought this program (EzImage) few years ago. I use it a lot. Constantly. If I have a problem or questions, (how to do something), I’ve always received fast and clear answers. I am very satisfied with the program and the service as well.  thank yo

Gilles Gagnon, Montreal, QC

I successfully installed and activated the EZImage software. I find that software absolutely invaluable as I scan images for my collection. It is quite the time saver!

Greg. R., OH, USA

I had an opportunity to use EZImage this week and I’m happy beyond expectation with it.
I have Photoshop and perhaps I could do similar things with it but after seeing your video on separating, de-skewing and clipping the images I knew I had to include it in my order without even trying it first! EZImage has features designed exclusively for stamps workflows and that’s a big differentiator from other image editors. It has been a huge time saver and considering I have thousands of stamps to scan that I have inherited I’m now much more optimistic I’ll be able to appraise my new collection with the help of EZImage.Thank you for helping me getting started. I can’t wait to get my other SoftPro products in the mail.

Gustavo G., CA, USA

I am a long time EZ Grader user and really appreciate the accuracy and ease of use of this product. Recently I purchased EZ Image after trying out the product on a trial basis. While EZ Grader is a tool that makes you money when you buy stamps EZ Image is a tool that makes you money when you are ready to sell. Its ability to process multiple stamps with one scan is a huge time saver. After the scan, being able to separate and straighten the images automatically removes most of the tedium from the selling process. One final fact – I am not a power user of computers and I really appreciate the quick response to my questions. Thanks SoftPRO!

Michael McGreevy, USA

Ezimage is absolutely fantastic. I don’t know how we ever did without it. Scanning, trimming, straightening and processing large quantities of images  has become a very simple and easily automated routine.  We have tried many of the other programs, but there is nothing like Ezimage

ESJ van Dam,

At first I was put off by the cost, but the productivity gains are so incredibly huge that it has saved us MANY times in labor what the program cost. The learning curve is “medium”, but if you do take the time to learn to use the features — especially for bulk processing — it is massively helpful. In over a year (or maybe two?) of constant use processing tens of thousands of images, I have yet to find any bugs or problems. Jay Smith,    Scandinavia specialist dealer

Jay Smith, USA

Anyone who scans stamps in any quantity and is not using this program has got time to waste!  I’ve used many different scanning packages and EZimage is, without question, the most effective, time saving scanning software available. Period!! This is one damn awesome piece of software! John Sheffield Philatelist Ltd.

John Sheffield Philatelist Ltd.

I have been selling on eBay since 1996. Actually before I purchased a scanner and the supplied software. I currently use a Microtek Scanmaker 4800 which was supplied with Adobe Photoshop Deluxe. I constantly had problems with that software. I purchased the EZ Image software basic edition and was amazed at the improved quality. I now have moved to the Pro version. Its benefits and additional provisions are a MUST for the serious seller of stamps on the internet. I am a seller of stamps on the internet and this is actually the most efficient software available for someone wanting to image stamps. If you are a serious seller of stamps on the internet, you should be using EZ-Image. Curtis Gidding

Curtis Gidding, USA

EZ Image is a fantastic program! If you sell stamps, postcards or other small collectibles on the Internet, it is a MUST buy! As a stamp dealer selling on Ebay, I only wished I had discovered this program 10 years ago, I would have saved hundreds of hours (thousands of dollars) on labor scanning stamps and other philatelic items.
Kudos to the owner, who is very responsive during installation and whenever I have a question.

Pierre. QualityStampsForLess

EzImage is a time saver that has paid for itself with the very first project undertaken. Marios provided immediate and stellar technical support. I was preparing images for my auction within minutes of running the program. The program is very fast and easy to use. I’ll save a week of my life every time I use it. Thanks, Marios.

Bill Longley, ON, Canada

I love this program!!! It has saved me hundreds of hours of photo editing.

Gordon S., Canada

This software is amazing. The auto separate functions is just mind blowing. If you buy or sell stamps, then this is one of those MUST Have tools.  I cannot praise it enough. It has literally saved me hundreds upon hundreds of hours.

Richard L., Miami, FL

I just had to email you and tell you how wonderful EZ Image is to use.  I have never come across a program that was so user friendly when it comes to stamps. My favorite feature is the Stitch tool. What a time saver!!!   This program has made my job so much easier and quicker.    THANK YOU!!! Michelle L. McDonald, Office Manager, Charles G. Firby – Auctions

Michelle M., Firby Auctions, Canada