The PRO version includes the Auto-Separate, Auto-Rotate & Auto Crop features which are NOT active in the Standard version of EzImage.
Standard Version: Has all features of EzImage with the exception of the following:
· Image Comparison Tool
· Selection Separation Tool ( Auto-Separate )
· Edge Deskew Tool ( Auto-Rotate )
EzImage comes with a convenient Stitch function which enable you to take 2 images and combine them into one image. This is accessed via the Tools Menu.
EzImage has a script recording function which allows you to RECORD any operation so that they can be performed on any image or file. For example, if you routinely Auto-Rotate, Auto-Crop & Resize your images, you could record a script & save it so that with one click, all three operations are performed on any image.
EzImage is licensed PER PC & can only be installed on one PC. EzImage Licensing is per installation on a SINGLE hard drive & codes will only work on ONE machine/PC/Hard Drive. They are machine specific & are not transferable. Additional/New installs or installing to a different hard drive or Operating System will require additional licenses. Failure to adhere to these policies will invalidate your license & EzImage will fail to run.

If you want to install on a second PC, you can purchase a second license at a reduced cost. Alternatively, you can uninstall from one PC, wait for our servers to detect the uninstall & then request new codes for the new PC.

Enabling Winhlp in Windows 10

To enable Winhlp to work in Windows 10, follow these simple instructions.

Download the updated Winhlp32 installation files, which are compressed into a zip file ( from the following link:  winhlp32-windows-7-10-x86-64
Extract the contents of the file you just downloaded (
Run the Install.cmd as Administrator by right-clicking on Install.cmd, then select Run as Administrator.
Acknowledge any privilege warnings and allow Install.cmd to proceed.
That is all there is to it.  You now you have Winhlp working in windows 10!

For Windows 8  you need to download and install the 32 bit Help System from Microsoft’s site

For Windows 7  you need to download and install the 32 bit Help System from Microsoft’s site

For Vista you need to download and install the 32 bit Help System from Microsoft’s site

Yes, just go to the Help Menu and select View PDF Manual.
For Older versions of EzImage: click the link below to download the help system as a PDF file. We suggest you place it in the EzImage Folder where you installed the program.

EzImage PDF Help File

For Auto-separation to work properly, you must scan your stamps or coins against a CLEAN Black background. There can be no white border around your scan.
TIP: What we do is glue a Pure Black Glossy sheet of plastic cut to the size of the scanner lid.  Read this page for details as to How To Make Amazing Scans of your Stamps
A great source of these plastic sheets are Jumbo Sheet Protectors available at  Unitrade Associates or Subway Stamp Shop Inc.


The perfect tools  you need to organize and value your stamp and coin collections