Spot the Difference if you Can #23

These two stamps from 1893 are from Shanghai, China. There was a set of 7 stamps issued, with multiple varieties. Some were Typographed & others were Lithographed. ( A related article on Lithographed stamps is here for reference: Lithographed Stamps ) There are two stamps in particular in this series that have a very minor visible difference. The varieties are of minimal value, while the main stamps are worth about $8 each. Not a huge value, but many collections do not have the varieties. The stamps shown here are Sc# 154 & 154a but the same variety exists for #153. The stamp on the right is worth about 15 times as much as the one on the left.

One difference lies in the Print method. The main stamps are Lithograpged, while the varieties are Typographed. This can be difficult to discern. But there is an easy way to differentiate them.

The varieties have a Dot in the Inner Scroll.

Shanghai Sc# 154 & 154a variety


Shanghai Sc# 154 & 154a variety


These stamps are not hard to find if you know to look for them. Be on the lookout at auctions online  and you should be able to  find these two varieties if you are patient. I recently found one and am looking for the other one

These differences are listed and imaged in EzStamp

Happy hunting