I just want to say how pleased I am with all your products! They are just “Top Shelf” in every respect! More importantly, I want to compliment the service you give to us! You are the best in the industry…actually you stand alone!

Thank you so much!


Just wanted to let you know that all appears to be working fine.  I got all of my grand kids collections logged under separate files extremely easily.
I am now starting to work on my disaster/collection.
This is a truly awesome product, so far it is doing everything I expected and more.

I was looking back in my emails and found that, I first had a questioned you  about this program in 2017. I was too busy at the time to consider using.
Too bad I did not realize how short the learning cure is, and how much time it could have saved.

I will have no issues recommending your product.

J. Evans, ON, Canada
 I have spent the better part of the past weekend entering my coins into the [EzCoin USA] database, and as advertised, it is quick and easy!
 I look forward to exploring the advanced options contained within it in due time.
 Thank You for providing such a bulletproof product!!
Craig E., AL, USA

Exceptional database for coins. I have used 1 other program and was constantly having to add missing coins & fix valuations. With EzCoin I have been incredibly pleased with the completeness of the entries and the valuations. I have entered about 1000 US coins in less than 3 days & have a comprehensive & detailed record of my collection. I have about another 1000 to go & expect to purchase the Canada edition also. The images provided are superb. Support has been fantastic. Usually responses are less than 1 hour. Where else can you get such support? I highly recommend this company & their products.

Jorge A. Rodriguez, CA, USA

Hello Mario,  Let me begin by saying I LOVE your software.
I have entered 99% of my silver coins into EzCoin by TYPE (Morgan Silver Dollar, American Eagles, Quarters, etc). So easy!

Ralph P., USA

I recently purchased an upgrade for EZCoin Canada. I find it is a fantastic product for keeping track of my coins.

Barry H., ON, Canada

I have used two other programs before I purchased yours. Neither  was adequate to say the least. By every measure, your stamp and coin programs are so far ahead of your competitors in every respect (images, data completeness, ease of use and the kicker is the unbelievable support). The attention to details and stability of these programs is exceptional. I have been using Ezstamp for 3 months and Ezcoin for about two months. Not a single issue. The other programs I was using were constantly crashing & I was tired of being used as a beta tester. Although I have had no issues with the prorgams, I have contacted your staff for coin related questions (where to purchase & sell some coins) and the responses were almost immediate and very friendly and professional. I cannot say enough good things about this company and their offerings. If you are looking for stamp and coin programs, look no further. Will be purchasing the updates as they are released. Thank You.

Charles Bunting, Los Alamos, NM, USA

This Ezcoin program is the best coin software I have ever used. I had a small issue at first sent an email and the response time was the best support I have ever seen!! Talked on the phone and they fixed my issue in minutes. Merlin

Merlin V., USA

I am so very satisfied with your software [EzCoin], and am happy that you provide the best support that I have ever experienced. If you ever need a spokesman, I’m you man….

Mike Miller, USA

The more I use EZcoin, the more I like it

David Scanland, USA

What an awesome coin collecting database. I did try a couple of others, but yours is the easiest to use. Thanks . Installation and import of my demo data (as I had already began my current inventory) was quick and painless.

Jim C., USA

I talked my dad into purchasing this program [EzCoin] the other day and he likes it a lot more then the one he had been using as it had crashed three times and he was getting quite fed up with it. The lack of support was the last straw. My dad is loving your software.

Frank, B., USA

This program [EzCoin] was purchased for a law enforcement agency in which a huge collection of coins were seized and forfeited (10-20,000 coins). In order to accurately catalog and inventory the coins, this software was purchased to obtain approximate values of the coins in the case. The customer support has been tremendous. When a special report was needed to accomodate the law enforement agency’s needs, a customized report was created by the designers of the software which will save us many hours of work. Also, we were offered assistance with changing names of fields to accomodate the way we were inventoring the coins. This program would serve any one from the novice collector to the professional. Not only is the program good but the customer service and support that is provided is phenonemal!

Blue Ridge Narcotics and Gang Task Force

I have been using EzCoin for 6 months.  I love the way it keeps track of the original cost and current value.  It has many great reports reporting my coins for many purposes, i.e. insurance. I was so frustrated before when I was using your competitors program (CM). I am thoroughly pleased with your product. Thanks for creating such a great program.

David. P. D., USA, NY

Let me start out by saying that I think that you have done a TERRIFIC job with the program. I have been looking for something like this for a long time and could never find anything of this quality.

Jeff K.

Really, the best software for coin collections in Canada and service!! Just great. I have their software for several years and for years to come. Keep up the good work.

Helene S.

Delivered as promised and product exceeded expectations. I would recommend this program to anyone. The reporting is phenomenal. Superb coin collecting software SoftPro. I will be back for more.

Richard H., Vancouver, BC

Amazing software. So easy to use. No database software is any good without great reports. EzCoin is hands down the best coin software out there. I know, I have used all the others & now use EzCoin exclusively. Highest praise for your products and support. I will be a repeat customer for sure.

Wendy Miscovic, NY

I want you to know that it [EzCoin] is an outstanding program, easy to understand and use– thanks a lot.

David MacDonald, Edmonton, AB

I have been using your software for 6 months now & it is an exceptional piece of work. I have 3 other programs that I purchased to inventory my coins. Not one of them worked for me. EzCoin is easy to use and the databases are complete and the data is very reliable. Other programs were riddled with errors in content and pricing. I wholly rely on your product now for my needs. Your customer service needs to be applauded. Superb. Can’t wait for your UK database. Count me in.

Richard V., Kamloops, BC

Very successful cataloguing of my coins. EZ coin is great!

J.S., Moncton, NB

First let me say how much I love your software, it sure is a piece of wonder.  So easy to use. I use it daily & find it extremely useful. Can’t wait for the next update .

Robert H., USA

I have tried 2 other programs & EzCoin is so much better. The reporting is incredible & it’s so easy to use.

Nick C., USA

I had previously downloaded the Demo version, and felt that it was the best of the 6 or 7 other programs that I had previewed.  I am anxious to get my coin inventory started.  Thank you.

Dave R., Charleston, SC

Marios,  Thank-you! If you ever need me as a reference, I would be honored. Your customer service is outstanding! EzCoin is a life saver. You are one of the best in 35 years of international business.  I have now totally organized my coins. Best regards, Jim Spencer

Jim Spencer, USA