Have been using the [EzPerf] demo and was very impressed with it. In addition to stamps, I collect postal history, including RPO covers. My hands are no longer steady enough to determine if a cancellation oval is a half a mm different from another. This product will really help.

Gary Olson, IL

 I really like the ease of using EzPerf.  I sure makes identifying a lot of my old US stamps much easier.

Also, Each day that passes, the EzStamp program is one of the best stamp software programs that I’ve used to date.
C. Menges, USA

I love EzPerf so much and pretty much use it daily when listing stamps, I sell stamps on eBay and cannot do without it.

P. Kline, USA

Linn’s Stamp News Review of EzPerf by William Sharpe , Dec. 2012, CLICK HERE to read the Review

Linn’s Stamp News Review of EzPerf by William Sharpe

Here are my thoughts as an amateur after a weekend experimenting with EzPerf: First the price: EzPerf costs USD 39.99. Buying a SG Instanta gauge from SG on eBay, shipped to my door in Denmark, costs USD 12.59. EzPerf has so much functionality that I feel the price is very reasonable. And even if I only used EzPerf as a simple on-screen perforation gauge (the EzPerf tool “linear gauge”), I still think it would have been worth buying. I don’t consider myself old, but I’m old enough to need reading glasses, and it’s so much easier for me using the large onscreen linear gauge instead of the Instanta.
I tested first my scanner, and despite its age, it was scanning very precisely. Then the program: all the measurements are spot on.
The two instruction videos on Youtube are very good, the onscreen help is first class, and the pdf manual is a masterpiece of clarity. Everything really works as effortlessly as shown on the videos. You just put a stack of stamps on your flatbed scanner, scan them in at 300 dpi, then get to work in EzPerf. With practice one works fast. For old ragged Victorian stamps you’ll need the set of tools in “expert mode”, but you’ll end up deciding between say perf 12½ and perf 13 with 100% confidence, even with very little to go on – using the Instanta I was often (too often!) in doubt.

Patrick L., Denmark

Huge Time Saver. By the way your program [EzPerf] works GREAT. I have two stamps that differ only by their perfs. I used the little old plastic perf gauge to measure the perfs in the past but never really felt secure. I scanned the two stamps and loaded them into EzPerf. Yup, the two were different and the perf numbers matched the catalog. Have already found several perforation varieties that I missed with the plastic gauges.

Peter Laimins, Chicago, USA

I am loving the product – playing around with a plastic perforation gauges was always irritating, and now that my eyes are not as good as they used to be, it was becoming a bit difficult with less than perfect eyesight and less than steady hands.Ezperf makes it so much easier and it’s extremely accurate

R. Goldberg, USA

I have spent nearly 30 hours with your EzPerf & I must say it is a fantastic tool. I have found it very easy to use for the most part. I have measured over 200 scans and only once was it off, but  i know the issue was the image scan (actually the stamp was very heavily cancelled on the to ). I was able to get it right though by using the add a perf option. As an aside, I used Ezimage for all my scanning .
I have found the position finder to be of great use to me in my study of the penny reds and plating them. The multi image crop/measure function is brilliant. I scan multiple copies of the same stamp and crop away. Works like a charm. As in all cases , your service has  been exceptional & your timely responses are one reason why your products are top notch.

Laura M., UK

I love it, for a world wide collector, getting perf sizes almost immediately after a scan is fantastic.

Rod B., Australia

EZ Perf significantly reduced the time I needed to identify and classify a large number of stamps that I recently bought at an auction. Scanning 20 to 30 stamps in a vinyl stock sheet allowed me to make size measurements rapidly and accurately.  In addition, cropping the images and calculating perforation size couldn’t have been easier.  EZ Perf is truly a valued asset when I organize my collection and it is highly recommended to all collectors.

Don Marion, Canada

Reading perforations accurately has been an ongoing challenge for me. After buying various Precision Perforation Gauges, and using them in conjunction with magnifying glasses, the frustration finally got to me. This was compounded by the fact that my measurements did not coincide with the data provided by the Scott Catalogs in some cases.
In order to placate the situation, I turned to EzPerf. This is a computer program by SoftPro that measures Perforations with a high degree of accuracy. The beauty of this Program is that it takes the uncertainty out of the measurement. No more frustration. No doubting the validity of the reading due to poor light, or tired eyes, and things of that nature. The program has many additional features but I am not trying to sell it here. I just want Philatelists to be aware of an easy way to enhance this aspect of their hobby. It’s not expensive and it doesn’t wear out or get damaged.
This, and similar programs I assume, requires a Computer and a Scanner. Any ‘3 in 1’ Printer that I am aware of is sufficient to use. Just scan at 300dpi and let the program do the rest.
I must say that I still like to use the ‘old school’ perforation gauges when I can get away with it. It’s just that so often now……  modern stamps don’t seem to look right against the gauge. It don’t seem to matter which one I use. When that happens I step up to the plate and say ‘what happened to the good ol’ days?’  as I fire up the Software. My daughter tells me that ‘it’s evolution. Get used to it.’ I try to while I kick and scream.. In the end, I sure like the results I get. I’ve been using it over 5 years now.

Tom K., USA

I spent some time reading the Ez Perf Manual. Real nice job on that …Great program. Keep up the good work!!!

Thom E., USA

I find your program to be exceptional. I have used it for the past 2 weeks. In that time, I have found 2 Canadian perf varieties in the mammal series that netted me $150. I now plan to scan my small queens & see if I can find any of the perf varieties there. EzPerf is going to pay for itself many times over by the time I finish my Canadian stamps. Wonder what I will find when I do my Australian stamps. Thank for the great product.   Peter C.

Peter C., Canada