I just want to say how pleased I am with all your products! They are just “Top Shelf” in every respect! More importantly, I want to compliment the service you give to us! You are the best in the industry…actually you stand alone!

Thank you so much!


Professional in every way. I cannot believe the difference between Ezstamp and the other offerings out there.
Every database and image looks like it’s been meticulously entered and checked. I do not have to do a thing other than tell the system
what I have and what I paid for it. So simple and an incredible time saver. Everything is done for you. If you want a turnkey solution, this is
the one to get.
I could not be more pleased with my purchase, I have not needed to contact them for support or help, but I know if I need
it, they are there in a moments notice. I have entered more than 187,000 stamps into my inventory so far and a not a single issue.

M. LaLonde, QC, Canada

Well we have now finished entering all stamp data to EzStamp, checked, re-checked and now ready to finalize print format such that we can provide a meaningful report in the front of each album. By way of this email I would personally like to extend my appreciation for the EzStamp program; it is a pleasure to use (once one understands the process), without flaw and the power of the program is still surprising.  Well done to all concerned.

Similarly, EzImage, EzPerf and EzGrade have all been invaluable in assessing stamps for grading, not utilized to the same extent as EzStamp, but all within their own right, extremely powerful and in my opinion a “must have” in conjunction with EzStamp.

B&D Hardman, Australia

As a dedicated worldwide topical collector, I am so happy to have found Ezstamp. Before Ezstamp, I used to spend hours researching and finding stamp to add to my collection for the topical areas I collect. Now, I can easily search the impressive databases in the program and very quickly locate the stamps available and see if I have them or not. I have found thousands of stamps that were not in my collection and were referenced in Ezstamp. The way they have described the stamps is monumental. Some stamps have over a dozen topics to reference them by. Flowers are one of my key areas of interest (I am a novice botanist). I have found stamp not identified anywhere else including online topical lists and lists I have purchased. The tremendous amount of work and effort that went into compiling these lists is very much appreciated by this very happy collector!
I highly recommend this product as I truly believe it is the best and one of the largest stamp databases out there. The support services provided by this company is another impressive feat. I have never encountered such service with any other product I have ever purchased. That alone is worth the price of admission. Kudos to Ezstamp and their staff.

D. Harrison, Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Just would like to tell you I have just cataloged stamp 225,000 in 154 countries. This would not have been possible without your personal help and your software and add-ons. Over many years I have used other products, but nothing comes close to your software ans especially your support.



Dennis Raynoha, USA

Just want to drop you a message concerning your program AlbumGen.
I was in the sign manufacturing business for many years and in this
business we used a program for designing signs of all types. I began
using it to design my stamp album pages which worked for me long after I
sold the business. But all good things come to and end as it only runs
on Windows 7 systems. I had trouble keeping my old machine running so,
I gave up.

Some time ago I purchased your program but never really used it, I
felt it was not as good as my ridiculous expensive sign program. Oh,
how wrong I was! AlbumGen is really up to the task of designing a
quality page with little effort. Admittedly there are a few things I’d
like it to do, but these options are not totally necessary. I have
preferred stamps, blocks, strips and se-tenant pairs with selvage
attached all of which need special layouts on pages. Also I collect
Mini sheets souvenir sheets and booklets, these too need special pages.
In the last few weeks I’ve completed at least 1-2 hundred pages front
and back for my world collection. I like to say, it’s got everything
you need, nothing you don’t!

Best Regards,

Steve W.

Steve W., USA


I wanted to provide you some feedback on the AlbumGen software program. I have used this sophisticated software to not only create what a collector would call standard stamp album pages, but also specialized pages. My specialized pages are designed to display, highlight, and explain unique stamp features, such as plate errors, forgeries, and color mis-registration, among other features. In many cases there will be just a single stamp on the page. I will place the stamp on an album page and next to it add an enlarged stamp image with arrows pointing to hard to see unique and defining features. I can then add text to the album page that explains what these special features are in detail. I often also sometimes add text discussing relevant aspects of the stamp, such as why the stamp was created, how many were printed, the name of the printer, and so on. I do this also with AlbumGen to show why a valuable stamp is the real thing, and not an inexpensive forgery. This capability makes looking at the stamp displayed that much more enjoyable and informative. I have used this approach to list and sell a number of unusual stamps in my collection. I recently for sold an $0.80 catalogue value Australian stamp for a stunning $45 based in great part on an AlbumGen page that allowed me to display and highlight the stamp’s unique features. And it was sold from the US to a discerning collector in Australia. AlbumGen has given me the opportunity to appropriately honor stamps in my collection. Thank you for this tremendous software.

Sewall H., USA

Sewall H., USA
I started to use the AlbumGen and EzStamp 10 years ago and I found it very user’s friendly, powerful and can do the things that commercially available albums cannot do. I decided to upgrade now, and I was not disappointed. EzStamp offers a lot more countries, just as easy to use as 10 years ago and more features. I especially liked the transfer of numbers to the Album Gen. It is a powerful tool and saved me a lot of time. I highly recommend this to any stamp collectors, new and experienced ones. It made collecting stamps more enjoyable and economical. The support staff are very friendly, eager to help and got me started right away. More power to Soft Pro!
Ismael SR
Ismael S.R., WI, USA

I have tried other stamp collection software and found them cumbersome with little technical support. Not the case with SoftPro. This package is easy to learn, filled with many features, and the support is beyond expectation.
I had a problem with my database and emailed support to resolve. Instead of emailing me back, I got a call from SoftPro and they linked up with my computer and resolved the issue. I have owned three companies in the service industry and understand excellent service when I see it.
If you are a rank beginner or experienced stamp collector this is the package for you.

Graydon V., USA

A very Big Thank You!
I just want to share how you have saved me an huge amount of time and effort.
My collection is housed in a sixty volume Scott International album set. The pages do not include spaces for Souvenir Sheets. I recently came into possession of a significant number of Russian Souvenir Sheets with no corresponding spaces in my albums. I dislike mounting stamps on just blank pages because it looks very unprofessional. I make every effort to create the appropriate pages when needed.
Using EZStamp along with Album Gen I was able to create pages rapidly and efficiently complete with images and catalogue numbers, saving myself countless hours finding a listing and images for these sheets elsewhere and building the pages by hand. There are in fact hundreds of these Souvenir Sheets so it would have been a very time consuming task.

Your product is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who is a serious collector.

Ken S., Nova Scotia, Canada


Ken S., Nova Scotia, Canada
I LOVE the program {EzStamp}.  Especially when I am bidding on new inventory.  Split screen with bids keeps me aware of the values so not to over bid.  I have thousands of entrees exclusively US.  The ease and use of the program is outstanding.
Bob V., USA

I have used AlbumGen and EzImage successfully for many years. I have never kept an inventory of my collections, but I now need to do that as I prepare them for sale, so thought I would try EzStamp. I have completed one country (about 2100 entries) and started on a second. EzStamp is very easy to use and makes entering data a snap. The Rapid Multiple Entry feature is especially useful when entering a long run of similar stamps, such as several years of MNH. Also, all major Scott varieties are included eliminating the need for most special entries. This is very useful software and is making the inventory task mush easier.

David Wolfersberger, Ocala, FL

David Wolfersberger, Ocala, FL

By far, the best philatelic application I have ever used!! I have tried everything from excel to access to numerous other inventory apps and none have come close to EzStamp! The addons, such as SRS, Washington-Franklin Identifier and of course Albumgen have just made my stamp collection so much more rewarding. I can go from stamp show to cataloging to mounting a just created album page in hours. Makes inventorying and creating album pages unbelievably easy.

John Impenna, USA

I purchased my Album Gen software five or six years ago for building album pages when I started using the Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Concise Catalogue. As a collector of the Machin Definitive issues I decided to expand my collection by adding the Machin issues that the Scott Catalog doesn’t provide. After researching alternatives for creating album pages I found the advertisement for Album Gen in the Linn’s Stamp News and it was just what I was looking for. What I like most about the use of the Album Gen software is how well the program is put together and how easy it is to use. To me there is nothing more fun then building a template page and proof reading it for possible corrections before sending it to print. As a final reward I end up with a very professional looking album page built to my liking. To any collector who enjoys building their own album pages I highly recommend the Album Gen Software and should you require any technical assistance Marios always provides outstanding support services.

Bradford Langley, USA

As you may know, the Scott numbers for Canada’s postage due stamps are a dog’s breakfast, and my album got them wrong. I used AlbumGen for the first time to make new pages, and the program was a delight. After watching your YouTube clips, it was a breeze to create the pages. They look professionally done. Congratulations on a great product.

David Streiner , Canada

I want to compliment you for creating such a fine program. I have spent many enjoyable hours designing my pages and I get rave reviews from my fellow stamp club members. Of course I tell them it’s from Albumgen. Best Regards, Ron

Ron Y., USA

As you may have noticed, I have been using your program [AlbumGen] for quite a few years and have printed thousands of album pages. I find your program very easy to understand and use. I am no spring chicken and have a hard time understanding and using the computer.

Bob P., USA

I have owned Album Gen v2.0 since 2010 and have used it to establish an extensive series of albums for my collection. I have enjoyed the program and think it is well written.

Robert P., PA, USA

Have re-started working on my US & Canada collections after several years (I started collecting over 50 years ago). Having to search and purchase albums and or updates has always been a problem. With EzStamp and AlbumGen this problem no longer exists. I am in the process of completing my 14 US albums and still need to get busy with the Canada. It is a pleasure to be able to create my own pages with clear and color images of the stamps. Thanks Ezstamp.

Russell H., USA

Thank you Marios for helping me out of a bind and saving all my work on AlbumGen. When you say “Customer Service First” you guys mean it. I think it took about 3 mins for you to answer my email and about 45mins to resolve the problem. If anyone reading this post and is thinking about getting any of the SoftPro software, do it you won’t be sorry. I have EZ Stamp for United States and AlbumGen both are fantastic programs, I am redesigning my US Classic album the way I want it done, and after a couple months of using it I feel like a pro. I’m not a computer techie I am a Philatelist so when I needed help these guys were there to help because I don’t know how a computer works I just know how to use one. Again thank you for a great product and superb service. I grade you guys: GEM 100J

Regis Kramer Jr., USA

The Album Gen is about the greatest thing I have ever used in the hobby.

Jeb R., Texas

An amazingly powerful program- and the learning curve is not that steep. Once you get on to it things move fairly quickly, and the EZstamp with Albumgen is a perfect combination. It put a lot of fun and enjoyment into the hobby. I would also like to say that Marios is incredibly helpful for points and tips when you run into problems.

Gary Clarke, BC, Canada

I have used Albumgen for very complex album pages. Amazing results. 5 stars from me.

John Thomas, TX, USA

I have been working with AlbumGen since 1999. I recently upgraded to version 2. The program is extraordinarily easy to use and customize. It produces professional-looking pages. Over the years I have printed at least 1000 pages. They look terrific.

The support from SoftPro is outstanding, especially in this day and age when most companies regard customer support as an inconvenience if that. I highly recommend this program for stamp collectors who find supplements too constraining and too vanilla-like.


Hi Marios, Well, I have played with AlbumGen for a little less than two hours and I’m SOLD!!!! I think it’s the best album page creation app I have ever seen. I’ll be ordering it today.

John I., USA

I want to take the opportunity to congratulate you for your fine development, I have been using other software for the last 8 years but I think yours is really friendly and the best software I have seen for mounting collections for the Shows and also to make your own Album, which I will do in the following months, for my Costa Rica stamps collection.

Rafael P., Costa Rica

I just want to tell you what a wonderful product you have.  I finally learned to use all the features of your product to produce my albums.  I am using it to produce pages for my German Privatpost albums. You really should tell prospective buyers that it can also be used for non normal stamp albums.   Thank you for all your help and patients with my endless questions!

Lewis Miller, USA

Dear Marios, I just wanted to write and thank you again for taking the time to help me get the software installed on my new machine at work.  Not only is software great, but I now know that its creator is a true gentleman as well.  Having learned what I did in the process, I was able to get it properly installed temporarily on my wife´s laptop at home. Thank you again, Willis 

Willis M., USA

It only took me a couple of hours of practice with Album Gen before I got pretty proficient in designing and printing album pages. Really like that “nudge feature”. Really like the option of printing images, or just going with the stamp data. I have 15 (3 1/2 inch) Harris Stamp Albums. Most of the early high value GB and Canada were not included in the annual supplements provided by Harris and second party manufactures. I am in the process of using your software to generate pages that include ALL issues, including the high value ones. For the first time in many years, my high values now have a comfortable home with their own spaces in my albums. Plan to do the same with the entire set of other countries that I have ordered. Looking forward to a long relationship with you and your company. Glad to see the personal touch.

Chuck Tyler, USA

I started using this program today and it is fantastic!  Like all programs there are some really neat things that have to be learned but I have been able to create 3 pages successfully in several minutes.  Overall I am very, very pleased.  I tried a competitive product but it had just too many limitations and was hard to use.    Thanks!

David W., Fairbanks, AK

Marios, I love Album Gen and use it exclusively for my albums.

Don Frederick, Miami

Just to let you know also that I always use AlbumGen to write up and display my collection and its functionality is superb. I can’t see how anything else could beat it!

Derrick M., Kamloops, BC

Album Gen Program works great! It’s nice to be able to make an album the way I want it!!

W. Miller, PA

I have recently used AlbumGen extensively and have found it to be a fabulous and easy to use addition to my EZStamp software. Your products are amazing and they have revolutionized my collecting ability!

Matthew S., USA

I purchased the AlbumGen program today.  This is exactly what I was looking for. It’s hard to find custom made albums tailored to our needs.  With this program and a little bit of time I can have exactly what I want.  Thanks for great software that actually works!

Mark W.

AlbumGen is fantastic. Works like a dream. Simple , uncomplicated, versatile, and makes the stamp albums look like they were put together by a professional. What more can I ask?

Sidney Wechter, Canada

Mario- just wanted to say that this is THE BEST album maker ever! I had a lot of Canada duplicates, commems, regs, etc….didn’t know what to do with them…….I purchased some blank White Ace Canada pages and designed my own pages for these stamps……thanks, again, keep up the excellent software programs!!

Mike F., Vulcan, AB

I have your AlbumGen and love it! I have designed my first exhibit with it & will be entering it in a competition this month. Thank You.

A. Cohen, NY

I regularly use Albumgen and consider it to be the best application that has ever been developed for stamp collectors. I now have very high quality pages (Davo/SG Luxury Hingeless) and can easily amend them as I acquire new stamps and blocks…

George W., USA

AlbumGen is easy to use. My 8 year old daughter created disney pages for her stamps in a few minutes. Great Software! Thanks.

J. Rosenblum, MI

…AlbumGen works great and is easy to use! It is a MUST for any serious stamp collector who collects topicals. I have a large World War II collection. Album pages for  this collection are hard to find. When I do, they are extremely expensive and not organized the way I want them. AlbumGen solved my problem. It has paid for itself.

Ken Kimbro, USA

I’ve been having a great time with AlbumGen. It works beautifully and I am amazed at what I’ve been able to create with it.

E.Cohen, USA

I just finished my album for Canadian Xmas stamps using AlbumGen, what a great program.

Al D., USA

I would like you to know how great AlbumGen is and how much I enjoy using it.


I love AlbumGen.  It is fantastic! Thanks for creating such a great program!

Willis C. Fails, USA

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what a great product I believe you have in AlbumGen.  I wish I had bought earlier versions of this product.  I’ve used PowerPoint for a number of album projects, and the ease and speed which AlbumGen affords me makes it immeasurably better.  B.B

Barry B., South Africa

This is the absolute best program I have ever used!

B.A., Longueuil, QC

ALBUM GEN is head and shoulders over anything out there.  I know I’ve tried them all.

Larry C.

AlbumGen is a well-designed & feature rich program for creating your own album pages. I’d recommend AlbumGen to anyone … You will not be disappointed with its capabilities. At under $65, it is a very good choice.


Martin Richardson, The Compulatelist



AlbumGen is a blessing in disguise! I love the program & EzStamp is unbeatable!

Al Hemmalin, USA

Excerpt from Review of EzStamp & AlbumGen in the Washinton Times by Mark A. Kellner:
To this observer, the greatest advance in stamp collecting will let me throw away my stamp catalogs and keep an inventory on line, complete with illustrations.
This is thanks to a SoftPro 2010 Inc.’s wonderful computer program called EzStamp. The firm, is in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, and has a Web site at (https://ezstamp.com/). This program contains a database of stamps from 590 different territories, including the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, Israel, Vatican City , Jamaica and much more.
With the CD-ROM inserted in your computer’s CD drive, the program will not only show you the catalog number of each stamp, but a color image as well. You can enter quantity and pricing information, as well as then print out an inventory of what you have, a “want list” for needed items and other reports. EzStamp can export its information to another program from SoftPro 2010, AlbumGen, which lets even a ham-handed person like me create a customized stamp album — or exhibit — layout. The results can be printed in monochrome or in color, and are rather dazzling. For decades, stamp collectors and exhibitors often labored over creating their own displays. This program takes almost all the hassle out of this process, and, thanks to the Windows operating system’s plethora of type fonts and its TrueType technology, produces pages that are flat-out incredible.

Mark A. Kellner, Washinton Times

Excerpt from Review of AlbumGen in Scott Stamp Monthly ):
AlbumGen is an easy-to-use page design program that lets the user create both album and exhibit pages. I found this program ( AlbumGen & EzStamp ) easy to learn and easy to use. I enjoy the time I spend with it and, when used in conjunction with the EzStamp program, it makes custom album page creation a breeze. And at under $65, the price is right !

Robert de Violini, USA

I think this program is one of the best software I have ever bought, it goes with my stamp collection and is part of the same

Vincent Wentzell, Canada