I would like to thank everyone involved at Soft/PRO / Ezstamp.
I purchased the stamp software and could not believe the excellent customer service I received, Marios went well beyond the expectations and due diligence. I can’t thank you enough for helping through the installation process.
Companies with customer service like this are far and few between, please keep up the good work. BTW the stamp software is amazing.

Thanks Again
Randy Clark

Randy Clark, BC, Canada

I have installed EzStamp & SRS on my 2022 M1 chip, MacBook Pro, by running Parallels and Windows 11.
Installation was fairly straightforward (for a Mac guy) and both apps are performing flawlessly.
I am now getting to look under the hood, so to speak, and seeing what each application can do.
I can already see that these are indispensable aids.


M.R., Ont, Canada

I just want to say how pleased I am with all your products! They are just “Top Shelf” in every respect! More importantly, I want to compliment the service you give to us! You are the best in the industry…actually you stand alone!

Thank you so much!


Well we have now finished entering all stamp data to EzStamp, checked, re-checked and now ready to finalize print format such that we can provide a meaningful report in the front of each album. By way of this email I would personally like to extend my appreciation for the EzStamp program; it is a pleasure to use (once one understands the process), without flaw and the power of the program is still surprising.  Well done to all concerned.

Similarly, EzImage, EzPerf and EzGrade have all been invaluable in assessing stamps for grading, not utilized to the same extent as EzStamp, but all within their own right, extremely powerful and in my opinion a “must have” in conjunction with EzStamp.

B&D Hardman, Australia

Just would like to tell you I have just cataloged stamp 225,000 in 154 countries. This would not have been possible without your personal help and your software and add-ons. Over many years I have used other products, but nothing comes close to your software ans especially your support.



Dennis Raynoha, USA

I have been able to download and install the EzStamp and SRS programs and have identified my first stamp ( in about a 1/2 second ) Wow.

Earle P. , LA, USA

I have tried other stamp collection software and found them cumbersome with little technical support. Not the case with SoftPro. This package is easy to learn, filled with many features, and the support is beyond expectation.
I had a problem with my database and emailed support to resolve. Instead of emailing me back, I got a call from SoftPro and they linked up with my computer and resolved the issue. I have owned three companies in the service industry and understand excellent service when I see it.
If you are a rank beginner or experienced stamp collector this is the package for you.

Graydon V., USA

I have been using Ezstamp and the SRS module now for six months. This software is astounding. I have inventoried about 7,000 items from my Commonwealth collection. I have used the recognition software to identify my stamps (not being quite familiar with the Scott numbers used in Ezstamp) and it has only missed about 20 stamps. Truly astounding. I initially was skeptical, but I can unequivocally state that it does live up to expectations and much more. The speed in which Srs finds the stamps is astonishing. I had looked at two other programs before I purchased Ezstamp and Srs. The others were utterly useless and were not even complete. I am a truly satisfied customer and will be purchasing the updates as they are released.  Having accurate and reliable documentation of my collections is of utmost importance to me and am quite pleased with both programs. Thank you Softpro for creating such great programs.

Richard DeVerno, Wales, UK

I must say that SRS is incredible. I find it so useful, that I now cannot do without it. I was skeptical at first, but after using it for about 20  minutes, I was a believer. It identifies most stamps in mere seconds and usually only finds just one matching stamp. For classic issues of many countries, it will find multiple matches (since they all look alike). The time savings in identifying my worldwide collection if huge. I only have the North America & British Commonwealth editions right now, but will be upgrading to the world edition once I get my new PC. Thanks Ezstamp. Great stuff.


R. van Demeyer, WA, USA

I have found SRS to be a most invaluable tool for my stamp collecting needs. I can now identify most of my stamps in a fraction of the time it would take to identify and catalogue them compared to the old way of looking them up in a book or internet. I use it extensively for my Japan and Russia collections. I don’t know what I would do without Ezstamp & SRS. They are by far the best stamp investments I have made.

Pat Jasker, NSW, Australia

SRS is like having a stamp expert in your own home. The time savings are huge. Makes inventory and identification of stamps painless. I have identified over 3500 stamps in my collection so far, and only about 10 were not found (but they were very badly cancelled so that may have been the issue). Love using SRS. Makes my stamp time fun again.

Paul Feinberg, Belgium

As a novice collector, I found cataloging my stamps a chore. I have a full set of Scott books and was spending a lot of time trying to find stamps. I have since purchased SRS and have found it invaluable. Not only does it save me enormous amounts of time, but it finds pretty much every stamp I have scanned in mere seconds. As a test, I manually looked for a Japanese stamp in my Scott book. It took me almost 15 minutes to find it. I then scanned the same stamp, put it into SRS & found it in less than 3 seconds (took me 15 seconds to scan it though). I cannot tell you how much I enjoy using SRS & Ezstamp. Has to be my best software purchase ever.

Tom Green, TX, USA