Legend of Common Terms Used in EzCoin & Numismatics

Some of the most commonly used terms in EzCoin & Numismatics (the study of coin collecting) are explained below.

PM Composition: Precious Metal Composition – refers to the precious metal content for Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium

• C Qty: Coin Qty: This refers to the # of coins that make up the particular entry in EzCoin. For example, a set of coins that was issued as one unit (ie a proof set), could contain 7 coins in the set. By setting the C Qty to 7, EzCoin can accurately calculate the total # of physical coins in your collection. EzCoin has the set qty’s built in & will auto fill the CQty for you.

• BV: Bullion Value – refers to the actual value of the coin as determined by it’s precious metal content. EzCoin automatically calculates this & if the BV is greater than the current market value, then you can inventory your coin with the higher BV


• Grades (AU, MS, PF, SP, UNC, BU): These are acronyms for common grade designations ( AU: About Uncirculated, MS: Mint State, PF: Proof, UNC: Uncirculated, BU: Brilliant Uncirculated . An excellent reference guide is available here Coin Grading Defined or here PCGS Coin Grades