…This is explained in detail on page 27 of the Quick Start Guide . You must be able to run v7.77y.16 of Old EzStamp & then export your data & then import the data into the new v8.0
…When you download & get the warning, click on the 3 dots as shown below

then click Keep Anyways & allow it to run by clicking on the Folder Icon to open your downloads folder

Our software has no malicious content of any kind & is perfectly safe. We are here to help if you need us.
…YES. This is one of the primary objectives of EzStamp – to assist you in creating an accurate valuation of your collection. Even a novice or someone with limited knowledge of stamps can use EzStamp to record their stamp collection. Once entered, you will have a complete record of your collection with reports and total values of all stamps entered. You can submit these reports for insurance purposes (save the report as a pdf file) or use our proprietary SnapView format described below).
…YES. We greatly appreciate the contribution of your images. We require them to be actually scanned by you at 300 dpi on a black background. Please save them as BMP images & email them to us (please zip them up first or put them on a CD & mail them to us). We will not accept any images that are not your original scans (ie you MUST scan them yourself – we need to see the original page scans. We will identify them & crop them here). We will include submitted images in the next update. Thank You.
…YES. The world edition of EzStamp currently requires about 25 GB of disk space once installed. The Downloads also take up about 20 GB of space in the Downloads folder. Also, once installed Copies of each of the Setup Files are stored in the  Folder  C:\SoftPro2010\Installs . You can safely MOVE the C:\SoftPro2010\Installs folder to a USB drive or other Drive. You should also COPY/MOVE the original downloads to a USB drive so that you have them in case you ever need to re-install. By moving the INSTALLS folder & the Downloads off the PC & onto a USB drive, you can free up about 45 GB of disk space.

…The answer is simple.

  • We provide you with truly exceptional customer service. Any software with no support is next to useless. Imagine having to wait days, sometimes weeks for a response. With SoftPro, you will receive prompt & courteous replies either by phone, email or remote support. We are the ONLY stamp & coin software developers that have live customer support: Yes, a real person to talk to if you need it. We answer the phones!
  • We provide you with 100% COMPLETE databases. No shortcuts, ever. We compile the data ourselves & we scan the images ourselves from the actual stamps. We do NOT release any database unless it is complete. Some other programs provide you with incomplete & inaccurate databases. Imagine how frustrating it will be trying to find a stamp in a partial, incomplete & inaccurate database. Other programs expect YOU to enter all the vital information like values, year issued, descriptions etc & then they want you to give them that information. With some software, they only provide you with Scott #’s & the rest is left to you to fill out. Then they ask you to send them that data & then they sell it back to you !!
    EzStamp world edition comes with 951,700 complete stamp entries, over 726,250 beautifully scanned stamp images & over 12,000,000 (yes, 12 MILLION) supplied market values
  • YOUR time is valuable & we know this. By the time you enter all this missing information in other products, you will have spent months & months of your time. With EzStamp, all this hard work is done for you. Isn’t that what you are paying for? Some programs are riddled with incorrect & irrelevant information & images. This is not only frustrating, but can be costly for you if you are being supplied with wrong and missing information.
    Save time & money & have the peace of mind knowing that the data provided by SoftPro is reliable, accurate & complete. We validate every single entry for accuracy. EzStamp is a tried, tested & proven product since 1992.
  • Your stamp inventory data is safe with EzStamp & EzCoin. With built in backups to protect your investment in time in case of hardware failure, or other mishaps. As long as you perform an EzStamp or EzCoin backup to an external drive (flash drive or external disk), we can guarantee you that no data loss will occur. Use our cloud backup with AES–256 encryption for unparalleled protection of your data.
  • Exceptional reporting in EzStamp & EzCoin: Data is data, but reports & presentation is knowledge & power. Our reports are concise, easy to create & modify. Without good reporting, your data & time is wasted.
  • Ultimately the choice is yours to make. If you have any questions, please let us know.
  • Read our latest, real Google & Facebook reviews here by real customers: Google Reviews Facebook Reviews

…Yes. EzStamp has pre-supplied values & IMAGES of FDC’s for USA & Canada. For specialty items or cachets, EzStamp has a built in FDC cachet table for you to easily add your own items like First Flight Covers, WWII Covers, Ship Covers etc. It is seamlessly built in to EzStamp & they can be inventoried quickly.
…YES. EzStamp is the only software to include truly High Quality full color images for each stamp in the databases we supply (which we have scanned ourselves). We provide images for Souvenir Sheets, singles, se-tenant pairs & most color varieties, imperfs & other errors. We also provide detailed images for plate varieties etc. so that you can easily tell similar looking stamps apart. EzStamp has over 726,250 images and 951,700 stamp records available with the WORLD edition. No other software provides this much complete information !
…NO. You can purchase EzStamp updates whenever you want to. We issue them each year and on a continual basis, but you may skip year(s) with NO penalty. We will bring you up to date regardless of when your last update was. Our updates include the latest version of the software, new images complete to the current year released & pricing updates all for $37.50 US for single country updates. Combination CD’s are $47.50. The Global edition is $244.99 & is downloadable. With EzStamp, we provide you with the highest quality software at a reasonable cost. Our update policy is fair & we provide you with as much as we can!
We use market values derived from many sources such as auction prices realized (online such as eBay, HipStamps, Delcampe & more traditional auction houses), dealers buy & sell lists, printed price lists, online stores & sites etc. We monitor changes in currencies and these are accounted for in our calculations. But always keep in mind these are all relative values & the real value is determined by market conditions at the time you decide to sell. The market always determines the real value.
… YES. EzStamp allows you to Duplicate any database so that you can keep separate files for each member of your family. You can also use this feature to keep track of your own multiple collections. Some collectors like to track their used & mint in separate files. It all depends on you & how you collect. EzStamp gives you the flexibility & power to do what you want!
… YES, but we do have them all pre-supplied. With EzStamp, you can create any new country or database that we currently do not have (new countries are created every now & them. We will add them as needed). You can also create topical databases where no catalogs or databases exist. This is built into EzStamp. EzStamp also allows you to easily add your own images for these newly created databases.
… YES. EzStamp allows you to scan in your own images & link them up to the databases in several ways. You can override the images we supply & display YOUR scanned stamps. You can also add images for stamps not listed in EzStamp. There are no limits imposed by EzStamp. You simply scan in your images & save them as standard Windows bitmap files (BMP or JPG) & save them in each country’s sub folder. This is explained in detail in the EzStamp manual as well as with our Stamp Collecting Videos. We have developed an Image Editing program (EzImage) that is specifically designed for stamp collectors. It is very user friendly & works with EzStamp. You will be able to scan in directly into EzStamp as well as have many other VERY useful features such as Auto-separate, Auto-Crop & Auto-rotate. Huge time savers is you sell on eBay or other online auction houses. If you sell on eBay or HipStamp, EzImage is a must have.

… YES. You can easily cross reference to other numbering systems such as Michel, Stanley Gibbons, Yvert & Tellier and others. We provide you with several ways to quickly & easily accomplish this. You can enter the other Catalog numbers one at a time as you inventory your collection by entering the numbers in the AltCat# field. You can actually rename this filed to be Gibbons , Yvert etc. as well (we cannot supply it this way as each catalog has copyright’s on their names & cat numbers). A second way to enter cross reference numbers is to simply build a Text, Tab delimited text file which is nothing more than a table of two columns of numbers separated by a TAB (see below).
10 24
11 25
12 26
13 27Y
14 28
15 29 ….

You then save the file disk & you can import the whole file into EzStamp in one shot! Thousands of our users have built these files.
Once you have the cross reference numbers in EzStamp, you will be able to search, sort, enter & report by the other numbering systems. This allows you great flexibility & power.

… YES. We receive many requests from customers to convert their data from other programs. If you are currently using another stamp collecting program and are not happy with it because you cannot receive updates, technical support, tired of entering all the missing information … or are just ready to move up to EzStamp, we can help. We have successfully imported data from many programs. We can usually import data from SCDB, txt, .db, .dbf, .wks, .xls and .mdb files and many others. This will save you many, many hours of data re-entry. You simply arrange with us to email us your USA or Canada data file(s) & we will import them into EzStamp for you! (A fee will apply: $49.99).
… YES. EzStamp wil lrun on any Windows PC running XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 , 10 & 11 (all versions, 32 bit and 64 bit editions). A free fully functional copy is available to try on your system before you buy. It is available here
Download EzStamp Demo

… Yes, with emulation. EzStamp is a native PC application. But, you can run EzStamp on your MAC. You will need a program called Virtual PC, Parallels, SoftWindows or bootcamp which will allow you to run almost any PC application on your MAC. You will also need a copy of Windows (XP, Vista or Win 7/8/Win10). We currently have over 1500 MAC users running our software in this way with no problems at all. You should download a FREE demo of EzStamp to try on your MAC before you purchase.

Here are two screenshots showing EzStamp 8.0 running on a Mac.
Screenshot of EzStamp Running on a MAC #1 (Coherence Mode)

Screenshot of EzStamp Running on a MAC #2 (Windows Mode)

Using a Mac Mini with and Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.53 Mghz. 8 gigabytes of memory, using Parallels to run Windows 7 – 64 bit. A person could also do the same with VM Ware Fusion or using a dual boot on their Mac. This is running OS X Lion (the latest release). We usually run in coherence mode rather than in a Windows mode because we like the seamless look in coherence mode. We recommend that you get an inexpensive PC laptop rather than the emulation route, but it is your choice.

Download EzStamp Demo

… Not directly. EzStamp provides an innovative way to email dealers & friends your want & sell lists plus any inventory reports. A small applet called SnapView will allow anyone (even if they do not own a copy of EzStamp) to view the exact same report you generate in EzStamp on their screen. All they need to do is download and install a program we created called SnapView. Then simply email them the *.snp file (created in any EzStamp report) & they can open it & view it in SnapViewer. A link to the SnapView download is provided here. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD SNAPVIEW
… Yes. We have a page on our site here Legend of Common Philatelic Terms Used in EzStamp This page will explain most terms with images where applicable to assist you. We also have many Stamp Collecting Videos to show you how to effectively use EzStamp. EzStamp Training Videos
… Yes. Rest assured that EVERY database released in EzStamp is 100% complete and has been entered diligently by us. We will NOT release incomplete or partial databases. Each database goes through our stringent quality control procedures and is checked at every stage to insure accuracy and completeness. Imagine how frustrating it would be to enter a Scott # you know exists & nothing is returned? Did you make a mistake or is the database incomplete?. We do NOT take data from user created data. The inconsistencies, errors, and incompleteness would compromise the integrity of the data. With EzStamp, you will have the confidence that the data is accurate, complete and created by professionals. Imagine how frustrated you will be & how much time & effort you can waste using software that is incomplete and riddled with errors, poor images and no support. Why risk your valuable time? Imagine basing the sale or purchase of your stamps based on wrong or incomplete information. EzStamp provides you with accurate, complete and the most reliable databases available.
… We put extensive effort in scanning the stamps and creating the databases OURSELVES. SoftPro DOES NOT acquire data or images from other sources, unless we have a written license agreement allowing us to use the images in EzStamp.
ALL images in EzStamp are watermarked with our corporate name. The watermark is very faint, but it is easily detected. We also internally mark all images we use. This allows us to detect when our competitors are stealing images.
One competitor has repeatedly incorporated our images in their software as well as copying some of our data and incorporating it in their software and claiming as their own. Their claim that their users are supplying them with images and data holds no weight.
As a publisher, you alone are responsible for the content of what you sell, regardless of where or how it is acquired.
** As is common practice in many businesses, we insert ‘copyright traps’ – unique pieces of information which are distinctively incorrect, into our data. That way, if anyone else publishes a work with the identical mistake, the original publisher can sue the copied work for copyright infringement, and the infringer has no defense whatsoever.
Even if it is just one piece of data, it is still infringement.
For this reason, SoftPro has been documenting our copyright traps with our legal counsel & a Notary public since

… We recently received a call from a potential customer who had purchased a product from another company & was extremely frustrated at not being able to produce meaningful album pages for her UK & Russian stamp collection. The product she was using claimed to “create album pages”.
After spending days trying to create album pages, she became very frustrated. She could not alter or design the so called “album pages”. Every stamp box was the same size & could not be moved around or re-arranged. The database in her inventory program was incomplete so she had to spend days manually entering all the missing information. Her problem was confounded in that she did not have access to all the missing information to even enter it. At that point she just gave up.
After venting for a few minutes, she finally calmed down and asked us several questions.
Q1) Can your programs make true album pages & let me design the pages any way I want?
Q2) Does your software come with all the data already entered so I do not have to spend days upon days entering all the information myself?
She then said if the answers are yes, then prove it to me & I will purchase immediately.
Q3) Does it come with a money back guarantee?

Here is our exact response to her:
A1) Our AlbumGen software is specifically designed to allow you to create beautiful custom album pages & you can design them any way you like. You can move any object/stamp on the page anywhere you like. You can add text, descriptions etc anywhere. You can add titles, headers, footers etc. In fact, you can use AlbumGen to create exhibit pages, as many of our customers do.
A2) Our inventory software ONLY comes with 100% complete databases compiled by us. We painstakingly enter all the data ourselves. We do NOT use data or extract data from customers files. We know how error prone & unreliable that is. We scan the images ourselves. You can have confidence in the data we provide. It is reliable and verified by us. Every single database. Period.
A3) To prove to you that we can generate pages quickly and easily, I asked her what pages she wanted to create & she responded that she want to start with the 2014 Great Britain pages.
A4) I told her we can produce that with EzStamp & AlbumGen in a matter of minutes & that I will email her a PDF file of the pages produced so she can see for herself.
Here is the pdf file I sent her. GB2014 Album Pages Below is a video that shows exactly how we did this in AlbumGen & Ezstamp AlbumGen and EzStamp Creates pages for GB 2014
All of our products are available as FREE downloads to try before you buy. We offer exceptional customer service & support before & after your purchase. We will leave no stone un-turned until you are 100% satisfied.

So if you are looking for Album page software as well as inventory software, don’t be fooled or misled by other products out there. The only software that can make Album pages for you automatically and easily is AlbumGen & EzStamp. If you are looking for quality inventory software and do not want to spend countless hours entering missing data, scanning missing stamps & correcting errors, then EzStamp is for you. All the hard work is done for you. All you need to do is enter your collection.

Let us know if you have any questions

Details on Installing Updates, brand new Installs & Uninstalling are described on page 31 of the Quick Start guide. ALWAYS BACKUP BEFORE YOU INSTALL ANY UPDATES ….
You will receive the E901 error message as shown here if you have installed an older version of EzStamp v8 (prior to onto any version dated or later (using option2 as shown below).
In April 2019, we made significant improvements in EzStamp, which required a database structural change to prepare for future changes. The fix for the E901 Error is quite easy to correct. You will need to download and install an update (click the link to download)  E901 Patch Download.


During the install of this patch, you MUST ONLY select the 2nd option as indicated below. DO NOT SELECT ANY OTHER OPTION!

Once the update has been installed, you can start EzStamp normally. You may need to set your Images paths again from the Options Menu, Preferences, Images Tab & set the Supplied Images Location which is normally  C:\SoftPro2010\EzStamp8\Images .  

Sometimes, if you move a window like the Thumbnail viewer off screen or turn off a second monitor, certain windows will not be visible & must be reset to get them back. The process to reset them is simple.
Go to the Options Menu, Reset Application Windows & select the appropriate check-boxes. For the Thumbnail viewer, select #2 & #3 & click reset. Selecting all 3 will revert all windows as if you had just installed. This does not affect any data. Just Window sizes & positions.

The British Commonwealth Edition includes 245 Complete databases with 235,200 images & 290,550 stamp listed. Click here to see a list of All the Br. Comm. Countries