My Anti-virus program (Norton Security or McAfee) is falsely detecting EzPerf as a malicious program after I check for Free Updates. How do I correct this?

First, let us assure you that there is NOTHING malicious in any of our products. From time to time as AV companies update their signatures, they sometimes have false positives. This is the case here.

Process for NORTON
Please CLICK HERE to read the pdf instructions on how to configure Norton to Exclude EzPerf from the detection process.

Process for MaCfee
This is a FALSE positive by MacAfee. We can assure you there is nothing malicious in EzPerf.
What you must do is this
1) Disable MacAfee
2) Uninstall EzPerf & delete the folder where it was installed
3) Re-install EzPerf to C:\SoftPro2010\EzPerf (any drive is fine )
5) Start MacAfee & put an exception into it to not touch the C:\Softpro2010\EzPerf folder
Also put exceptions for
C:\Softpro2010\Ezperf\ezperf.exe &

Then start MacAfee & then run EzPerf.

As always, we are available to assist you if need be.