I would like to switch to EzStamp. Can I Import my data from other programs into EzStamp?

YES. We receive daily requests to import data from collectors who are unhappy with their current software and or lack of support. WE CAN HELP. We can import your data from almost ANY other program directly into EzStamp (fees apply: contact us for details). If you are unhappy with your current software or cannot get any support from other software vendors, we can help. (Please note that we will only import YOUR data such as qty’s, prices paid etc. Not the actual databases from other programs. Not only are they unreliable, but that would not be ethical)
We have the ability to import your data directly into EzStamp so you do NOT have to re-enter all your data. Simply contact us and we will arrange for you to email us your data & we will import it & email it back to you in a format that will be readable in EzStamp. We can also import data directly from excel spreadsheets and text files. This is a service we offer to our new customers. There’s no reason to delay. Get your copy of EzStamp today.