AlbumGen Update to v2.08 Available to v2.0 registered users

Please Note: As of Jan. 1, 2023, AlbumGen v2 is no longer available. You should upgrade to AlbumGen v3.

This latest update corrects some minor bugs & issues experience by some users of XP & Vista and incorporates Automatic backup for any AlbumGen file that is successfully opened. Should the unexpected happen (power failure, Windows crashes or other failures), you will always have a good copy of your album, minus any changes since you last opened the file. This update also includes a new border type  for objects & corrects the a page Border type which was not being rendered correctly as well a a couple of minor bug fixes (corrects a compatibility issue with XP & Vista)
You MUST have a licensed copy of AlbumGen v2.0 already installed & activated to use this update. DO NOT INSTALL this update if you are on AlbumGen v1.0
To receive access to the update, please email us at [email protected] and request your free update to v2.08