One of the key things to master in AlbumGen is to RIGHT Click on Any object. This exposes all the properties available for an object. For any shape on the page, Right click on it & select theAlbumGen appropriate property you wish to change. This could be Text, Image, Width or Height(Properties) etc.
Adding Images to AlbumGen pages is easy and quick. First, your images MUST be in bmp format (bitmap). If your images are in jpg format, AlbumGen has a convenient jpg to bmp conversion utility built in (see the Utilities Option in the File Menu). To edit or Add images, RIGHT Click on the shape & Select Image. THen browse to where your image is saved & add or replace the existing image.AlbumGen
Right Click on an empty area of the page (not on an object) & Select Page Setup. Then Select the Header/Footer Tab & set the title as required. You can also set footers & many other properties this way.Agen_Title
Yes, Right Click on an empty area of the page (not on an object) & Select Page Setup. Then Select the Borders Tab & select the one you like from the list available. At this time, you cannot add your own custom borders, only the ones we provide. if you have any in particular that you would like us to design, let us know. Similarly, you can add borders to the object you place on the page by Right Clicking on the Object , Select Properties & Border style. There are various line types you can choose from.CUSBRDRSline
Yes, quite easily. AlbumGen can preate pages for ANY size page that YOUR printer can physically handle. Most printers can only print in 8.5″ x 11″ pages, so you must ensure that your printer can physically print to the larger size page. Watch this video to see how.  AlbumGen: Creating Custom Album Page Sizes
AlbumGen has a convenient Backup utility Built into it. Goto File, Utilities, & click on Backup Album Files. This will create a zip file of the albums you select. you can then copy them to a CD or flash drive for backup purposes.Albumgen Backup
Albumgen has may ways for you to align your stamp objects on a page. you can distribute them evenly across a page, or separate each object by a given space. These are explained in detail in the manual. You can also use the Alignment palette (hit Shift+F5) to display the palette. Hovering over any icon will give you a brief description of what it will do. The key thing to remember with alignments is that you LEFT click on the Reference object, then Shift & left click on the other objects. practice a few & it will become second nature. Please consult the AlbumGen Manual for more details.

Stamp Album Software - AlbumGen Main Screen

AlbumGen Main Screen