Spot the Difference if you Can #7

Morgan Silver Dollars have been a favourite coin of US collectors for years. They are an attractive coin and are affordable for most collectors. They are not hard to find, but there are many varieties, with a wide range in value.

The two coins shown here look similar but there is a very important difference between them. There is a Die Variety in one of the coins, known as an OMM OverMintMark. As the name suggests, it occurs when one Mint mark is struck over an existing and Different mint mark. In coins below, if one carefully compares the two, you will clearly see the O over S variety. One must look carefully and usually with the aid of a loupe or microscope to clearly see the variety.

Barber Dollar OMM Variety: O over S
Barber Dollar OMM Variety: Normal & O over S



When purchasing Barber Dollars, I will have a list of years with OMM varieties at hand on my phone  so I can check them when browsing a dealers or collectors stock. There are plenty of these varieties on eBay and other sites that have been missed and bargains can be had if you look closely and are patient. The values of these varieties can be quite high and as shown here when we look up this coin in EzCoin, there is a significant value difference between the Normal & OMM variety

Happy hunting