Spot the Difference if you Can #20

The former British Colony of north Borneo issued its last stamps in June of 1963. Many of the stamps are beautifully engraved with depictions of the local wildlife & scenery.
On July 1, 1950, a set of 15 stamps was issued showing different scenes with a portrait of King George VI. On the 50c denomination, it depicts a Clock Tower in the Capital (in 1946) of Jesselton.
In the first printing, there was an error. Look at the stamps below & see if you can spot it.
Can you see the difference? There is a distinct difference that is often overlooked

Found it yet?

North Borneo Sc# 254 & Sc#259

In May of 1952, the stamp was re-issued with the correction. Almost two years before they realized it.
The capital city of JESSELTON was initially misspelled as JESSLETON.
The corrected stamp is about 10 times more valuable than the original issue.
I have found several copies ( both mint & used for my collection ) at bargain prices as dealers missed the error.

North Borneo Sc# 254 & Sc#259 details

Happy hunting.