Spot the Difference if you Can #19

One of the tasks I have been putting off for a while is the sorting of my DDR Officials from the 1950’s. This series of the Arms of DDR can be very confusing & there are many varieties & combinations to be found, especially if you want to get into the minute details. The two stamps shown below were both issued in the 1950’s. One is worth about ten times the other in Mint condition. In used condition, they are both of minimal value. Can you see the difference? There is a distinct difference that is often overlooked

Found it yet?

At first glance, they are strikingly similar. But there is a distinct difference. Can you see it?

DDR Sc# O22 & Sc# O22a

The difference is in the compass arc & the way it protrudes. On Sc#22, it protrudes on the Left side, while on the more valuable Sc#22a, it protrudes on the Right side.

DDR Sc# O22 & Sc#O22a details

Be on the lookout for the Sc#22a as it is highly collectible & it can be found for a great price if you look diligently.
Caution: There are other varieties of this issue & many online sellers misidentify Sc#22a with the more common Sc#O40 which is of minimal value. The main difference between Sc#O40 & O22a is in the watermark & paper types. The easiest way to tell an O22a from an O40 is that O22a is on plain paper while O40 is on granite Paper (thin hair-like fibers on the front & back of the paper) as shown below

Sc# O40

Also, Sc#O22 has watermark #297 & O40 is watermark 313 as shown below (These watermarks as well as all know watermarks are included in EzStamp)

Watermarks found on O22, O22a & O40

Happy hunting.