Spot the Difference if you Can #16

While I was scanning some images for addition to EzStamp (Oman), I noticed that there was a significant price difference in one of the varieties that I had no image for. I went to my 4 volume Middle East albums that I was using to get the stamps to scan and I found 4 copies of the Oman stamps shown below.
They are Scott # 100 & 101a.
They look very similar. So whats the difference? The differences lie in the Arabic value. One is in Rupees & the other is in Baizas. Unless you read Arabic, it’s difficult to spot.

Look carefully and you can find these varieties. The difference in value is worth the time to look for these.
The detailed differences are listed and imaged in EzStamp. Check your collection and see if you have any of these varieties

Oman Sc# 100 & 101a

Happy hunting.