How to MOVE EzStamp to a new PC

We receive many inquiries from customers who have purchased a new PC & want to move their EzStamp to the new PC.
This is a relatively simple process.

You will need the following to properly move EzStamp to a NEW PC

1) Original Installation Media (Downloads or CD/DVD/USB) . If you purchased downloads, you were to make copies of the downlaods to a flash in case of re-installation.
2) Your activation code for EzStamp & any add-on modules ( SRS, WFID, Cloud backup etc)

On the OLD PC, do an ALL Files BACKUP in EzStamp & place the backup onto a flash drive. EzStamp backups are made of 2 files ( a zip & cfg file. Both are required) . Watch this video on how to do an EzStamp Backup    BACKUP & RESTORE Training Video

If you have the Cloud Backup option, backup to the cloud from the OLD PC

On the NEW PC, install EzStamp from the original media or downloads. If you purchased multiple CD’s, each will need to be installed & images copied. Then activate EzStamp from the Help Menu. If you purchased on a CD/DVD/USB, you now must copy the images to your hard drive. Watch this video: How to Get My Images Back. I don’t see them anymore!

Insert the Flash Drive from STEP 1 & perform an EzStamp Restore (Go to File, Country DataFile utilities, Restore From Backup)

If you backed up to the cloud, do a Cloud Restore.

Your copy of EzStamp is now on the NEW PC with all your data

IF you need help, please feel free to contact us & we can assist you