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New USB: ENTIRE World Edition includes All 18 CD’s  (Limited Time Sale)
(USA, Canada, Br. Commonwealth…) 738
complete Countries
USA, USA Revenues & US Possessions
Ryukyus, Canal Zone, Hawaii, Guam, Duck Stamps, Danish West Indies..
CANADA & Canadian Provinces: Newfoundland, New Brunswick,
Vancouver Island , Nova Scotia, PEI, British Columbia
United Nations:
UN-New York, Geneva, Vienna, Kosovo, UNTEA
North America: USA, UN, CANADA, US Revenues, Ryukyus, Canal Zone,
Hawaii, Canadian Provinces, GUAM, Duck Stamps, Danish West Indies…
British Commonwealth (Complete): Great Britain, CANADA, Canadian Provinces,
Australia, New Zealand, India, Hong Kong . Includes all 227 Br. Commonwealth Databases
CD #2: GB,  Ireland, Channel Islands, Gibraltar, Cyprus, Malta, Aden, Jamaica … $89.99
CD #3a: ISRAEL, Monaco, Netherlands, Greece, San Marino, French & Spanish Andorra … $89.99
CD #3b: Italy, Vatican, Italian States & Colonies, Trieste … $89.99
CD #4: Russia / China / PRC , Taiwan … $89.99
CD #5: Germany, FRANCE, DDR, Saar, Berlin, Danzig, German States … $89.99
CD #6: Cuba, Hungary, Szeged …
CD #7: Hong Kong, Egypt, Liechtenstein, Palestine, Greenland, Iceland, Sweden, ….
CD #8: Portugal, AUSTRIA, Belgium, Palau, Marshall Islands, Micronesia …
CD #9: Australia, AAT & Australian States, New Zealand, Pitcairn, Norfolk …
CD #10: Japan, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Dominican Republic, Slovakia …
CD #11: Poland, Niue, Falklands, Turkey, Hatay, Turkey in Asia
CD #12: Finland, Bermuda, Dubai, North Borneo, Vietnam, Botswana, Tetuan… $89.99
CD #13: Romania, South Africa, Caicos, Fr. New Hebrides..
CD #14: Nicaragua, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Bulgaria, , , …
CD #15: Yugoslavia, Vanuatu, Togo, Br. Honduras, Laos, Mauritius, Afghanistan, Iran
CD #16: Nordic Countries: Finland, Iceland, Norway, Greenland, Sweden, Faroes
Denmark, Aland ..
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