EzPerf Stamp Perforation Measurement Software

  • Simply scan your stamp against a black background, load or paste the image into EzPerf,
    & instantly you will see the perforation measurementstamp perforation software results.
  • If you are like most collectors, using a traditional plastic perf gauge is difficult and error prone. Most of us can barely see the tiny lines on the plastic gauges, let alone trying to align them with the stamp. EzPerf solves that problem.
  • Finding that rare perf is much easier with EzPerf’s batch option. Lets say you had 40 copies of a very common stamp, but there is a rare perf variety you are looking for. Measuring each one individually can be tedious and difficult at best. With EzPerf, simply scan the stamps & place them into a folder on your hard drive. Then run EzPerf in batch mode & it will measure each one and give you a report of the perforations of each stamp. A quick glance will let you instantly see if any perf varieties are in your batch.
  • Have you ever just given up trying to measure perforations because you find it frustrating & overwhelming? EzPerf makes this important task mush faster and more enjoyable. You will know you can do it with ease & have reliable measurements so you have the confidence in knowing you have categorized your stamps correctly.
  • No collector/philatelist should be without this great tool.

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