EzImage: Stamp Image Editor/Processor

  • With EzImage, you can scan many stamps at once & then with one click, Automatically Separate them into individual images (Pro version only). You must scan against a contrasting background for images to properly separate.
  • You can then Auto-Rotate them so that they are perfectly aligned. (Pro version only)
  • You can also Auto-Crop them so that there is an even amount of background space around the images. (Pro version only)
  • What sets EzImage apart from other software is EzImage’s ability to AUTO-SEPARATE, AUTO-ROTATE and AUTO CROP your images.(Pro version only)
    These features are huge time & money savers. Many stamp dealers and auction houses use EzImage as they know their time is valuable. The most time consuming part of scanning stamps & coins is separating them, cropping them & rotating them.
    If you list stamps & coins on eBay, you will save countless hours with EzImage so you can sell more on eBay. Image quality is one of the most important factors when selling on eBay. If you want to see increased sales on eBay, then EzImage is the tool for your image processing needs.
  • Color correct, retouch, add special effects
  • Screen Capture is a built utility so that whatever you see on your screen can be captured and saved as an image on your hard disk. You can capture any window, screen, menu and more. Perfect for documentation projects and training materials.
  • Thumbnail Browser EzImage provides you with a convenient and powerful Thumbnail Image Browser to allow you to easily organize your image files and clip art.
    You can search the thumbnails in many ways. You can add comments to any image (such as eBay item #) or any other comment that will make finding the image easier for you. You can preview, create a slide show, sort the images in many ways (date, name, size etc). You can even control the size of the thumbnails. You can also display groups of images and organize them and select them for editing
  • File Conversion utilities. Supports many popular formats (jpg, bmp, gif, tiff, png … )
  • EzImage is not a large or complex application that requires you to read one or more books or go through lengthy tutorials to understand how to effectively use it. EzImage was designed to cater to the needs of the everyday consumer, and provide the features common in most image-processing applications, with a few extra ones that help automate and decrease specific time-intensive jobs.
  • SUPERB CUSTOMER SUPPORT. We pride ourselves in giving you the Best support in the business. We are available via email or by phone ( 705-254-6201 )
  • Key Features of EzImage:
  • Comprehensive set of color adjustment and painting tools for touching up and correcting images.Basic painting tools include pencil, erase, paintbrush, dodge, burn, sponge, clone, blur, sharpen, and line/polyline. Region and Floater system provides a simple, yet flexible method to work with images using temporary image snapshots and alpha channels.
  • Color, distance, and angle measurement tools for image content verification.
  • Several browsing options for searching and organizing images, including a flexible preview browser, image lists, and path lists.
  • Thumbnail database system, including security and encryption options.
  • Slideshow system, which uses scripts to control image playback, image adjustments, and text and comment associations.
  • Selection separation tool for splitting multiple-document scans into separate images.
  • Edge deskew and auto-trim tools for correcting the orientation of crooked images and removing extra border pixel data.
  • File conversion tool to process batches of image files using lists, paths or folder trees. Conversions can be based of file format changes, image color adjustments, transformations,   overlays, renaming, or most any operation within EzImage.
  • Scripting system for automating several actions into one easy step.
  • Image comparison tool for comparing two images by both color and distance measurement.
    • EzImage provides you with tools to accurately measure distances between any points on your images. This is very useful in determining whether a stamp was printed using the FLAT PLATE or ROTARY PRESS method.
    • You can also measure the sizes of OVERPRINTS as well as the angles on overprints.
    • EzImage also provides you with an Image Comparison tool so that youcan compare two images.
    • Overlay one image over another to compare overprints.
    • Useful for detecting forged overprints. Also useful for color comparisons!
  • Image capture tool will capture windows, screens, portions of screens, wallpaper, cursors, or objects such as buttons and text fields.
  • Compression tuning tool to allow you to visually see how different levels of file compression can affect the size and quality of images, and apply settings for optimizing creation of files that use these compression methods.
  • Windows Icon and cursor utilities allow you to import and export multiple icons or cursors using separate image windows.
  • An online help system that includes two levels of help: popup quick help and context-level window help. The quick help system allows you get information on almost any item in EzImage using either a right click of the mouse button or through easy-to-use menu help mode system.
  • Printing support for both single images and thumbnail image sheets, using various options to scale and fit the images to the printed page.
  • Batch file scanning is provided in addition to normal single image scanning, in case you wish to scan many documents at one time. The batch scan feature allows you to choose one of several formats to save to.
    The perfect tools  you need to organize and value your stamp and coin collections