As of March 17, 2013, All EzStamp databases have undergone an internal database restructuring to allow for future enhancements as well as the addition of new fields. What does this all mean?

1) If you perform a Check For Free updates anytime after March 17, 2013, you will need to upgrade your data files to v1.1 from v1.0. It is very simple & is done right within EzStamp as explained in the pdf document below

Read this pdf document —> EzStamp Database Restructure
2) Due to the above database restructuring, it is possible that some users may inadvertently install an older version of EzStamp data onto a newer version. This will cause an incompatibility issue that is easily resolved, but you must follow the directions in this document below and you will need to download and install this small fix utility

Read this pdf document —> EzStamp Database Restructure Fix
Download DB Restructure Fix Utility Here